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GI issues mar near perfect Sunday

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GI issues mar near perfect Sunday

What a beautiful day!  While most of the country was shivering their way through snow and cold, Pattie and I enjoyed a perfect 77 degree day.

DSCN1169We walked our “Island Dog,” Finnegan, along a tree covered, creek side trail and walked the scenic grounds outside the Homosassa Springs Wildlife Park.  We swam laps in the pool, then floated about while watching football on our flat screen TV, mounted on the poolside wall in our lanai’.

My day started with a jumpy, cramping stomach, reminiscent of  my early post transplant days.  Fortunately, I had saved a few omeprazole magnesium capsules that I’d used to help keep my unsettled stomach under control for months after my stem cell transplant back in July of 2011; things quickly returned to normal.

No, it wasn’t the Green Bay Packer’s last center loss that caused my stomach to flair up again.  My guess is it was the dexamethasone that I took Friday night before bedtime.

Right now my stomach is literally in knots.  I can try taking another omeprazole capsule, but we ate late, so I need to wait; omeprazole works best on an empty stomach.

I need to stop writing now and get a grip.  Taking a break.  Maybe if I lie down for a few minutes…

I’m back.  Sorry for the drama!  Aside from a baseball sized knot in my stomach, I’m feeling a lot better.

I’d better wrap things up.  Tomorrow, Danny Parker will end his four month hiatus by sharing his thoughts about ways meditating can help multiple myeloma patients and caregivers.  I think many of us may find his advice useful.

Feel good and keep smiling!  Pat