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GI issues mar near perfect Sunday

Posted on January 06 2014 by Pat Killingsworth | 1,140 views

What a beautiful day!  While most of the country was shivering their way through snow and cold, Pattie and I enjoyed a perfect 77 degree day.

DSCN1169We walked our “Island Dog,” Finnegan, along a tree covered, creek side trail and walked the scenic grounds outside the Homosassa Springs Wildlife Park.  We swam laps in the pool, then floated about while watching football on our flat screen TV, mounted on the poolside wall in our lanai’.

My day started with a jumpy, cramping stomach, reminiscent of  my early post transplant days.  Fortunately, I had saved a few omeprazole magnesium capsules that I’d used to help keep my unsettled stomach under control for months after my stem cell transplant back in July of 2011; things quickly returned to normal.

No, it wasn’t the Green Bay Packer’s last center loss that caused my stomach to flair up again.  My guess is it was the dexamethasone that I took Friday night before bedtime.

Right now my stomach is literally in knots.  I can try taking another omeprazole capsule, but we ate late, so I need to wait; omeprazole works best on an empty stomach.

I need to stop writing now and get a grip.  Taking a break.  Maybe if I lie down for a few minutes…

I’m back.  Sorry for the drama!  Aside from a baseball sized knot in my stomach, I’m feeling a lot better.

I’d better wrap things up.  Tomorrow, Danny Parker will end his four month hiatus by sharing his thoughts about ways meditating can help multiple myeloma patients and caregivers.  I think many of us may find his advice useful.

Feel good and keep smiling!  Pat

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  1. Holt Says:

    Ouch, sorry to hear about the stomach troubles Pat. I don’t think our GI issues get the attention they deserve. Two years on Revlimid turned me into a candidate for adult diapers and those issues finally forced me off maintenance. I wish the docs would take our GI issues more seriously as it might allow us to increase the time we stay on medications.

  2. Pat Killingsworth Says:

    Great point! I’m not expecting this to last (hope not!) Feeling a lot better this am. For me, it was a reminder what it was like living similarly to the way you describe post transplant. I’m anxiously “looking forward to” following Tom’s allo transplant journey. I have seriously contemplated taking a similar step to try and lock up a few extra years. But my stomach cramps remind me its on thing to think about going through something like that academically–quite another to live through it.

  3. Steve Says:

    Hey Pat,

    77 degress? Really? Ahhhh….I can only imagine….it’s a frigid 2 degrees (barely plural) here in SW Ohio…tomorrow our high is supposed to be around -2 degrees!

    Speaking of NFL losses….your GB loss could have been worse…did you see the Bengals/Chargers game? It was almost “blacked out” here….most of us wish it had been!

    How is it warm weather teams can go play in cold weather stadiums and kick ass? Speaking of which, if you mention the warm weather you’re enjoying down there just one more time I am going to personally come down there and kick yours! 🙂 Though maybe first I’ll take a few laps in your pool, take your Island Dog for a walk, grill us all some tasty red snapper, drink a few margaritas and then if still standing maybe do some kicking de la derrier! 😉 Just kidding…I probably wouldn’t take your dog for a walk. 😉

    GI issues….I can relate. I know you take (as I do) opiods, do you also take Colace or similar product to ease the effects of decreased peristalis? Do you eat sufficient fiber and drink at least 60 oz of water each day? How about pro-biotics….greek yogurt has served me well in that regard. And here’s a little bit of info I’ve picked up over my 10 plus years of GI issues: did you know that 95% our serotonin is in our gut? Some GI experts believe that taking SSRI’s can not only help with improving our mood but with our GI discomfort as well. I tried that three years ago and after about 6 months my mood was better and my GI issues disappeared….of course with the assistance of Metamucil, greek yogurt and lots of water!

    Only 40 days to spring training…GO REDS! (another Ohio team that chokes at playoff time)


  4. Cindy Chmielewski Says:

    Floating around in your pool while watching TV in 77 degree weather! Don’t rub it in. LOL I’ll be knocking at your door sooner then you think. Hope you feel better. TTYL Cindy

  5. Pat Killingsworth Says:

    I’m going to announce details of our first annual MYELOMA BEACH PARTY on Wednesday. Hope you both can make it down. Yes, Steve, I’m pretty good about what I eat, when and why. Take lots of magnesium tabs to help PN and keep things moving. Usually have cast iron stomach. That’s one reason GI issues through me for a loop post transplant; wasn’t used to that sort of thing. Ever notice how nothing is good when you’re nauseous?

  6. Susan Says:

    I feel your pain, Holt!! I am often afraid to go anywhere for fear I might have an accident. “Revi-belly,” as I heard it called by one of the guest doctors on a recent Cure Talk, is a damper on a lot of my activities. But…it’s part of the price we pay for staying alive and I’ll take it. =)
    I hope you are feeling better, Pat!

  7. jc Says:

    I have found one of the best treatments for stomach issues is…….Diet Coke.
    With temps in -16 range yesterday morning, got to thinking. My numbers starting inching up last spring, about the same time I quit drinking Diet Coke… screw that…back to drinking Diet Coke for me. Doubt it will change the numbers, but it wasn’t the problem. Lets face it, there is probably stuff in Diet Coke that if put in mice in a high enough concentration would kill cancer cells 🙂
    Enjoy that warm weather for us northerners. Strange, but the cold doesn’t really bother me, just bundle up so I can’t hardly walk and get outside to chore. The horses don’t even seem to be affected at all by the cold. Their coats are an insulating marvel.

  8. Pat Killingsworth Says:

    Feeling much better, thank you! And Diet Coke? A guilty pleasure that I try to limit to a can or two a week now. Does it cause cancer? Cure cancer? We’ll probably never know…

  9. Scott Hansgen Says:

    Oh the dreaded GI issues. I HATE EM! Having been on Revlimid for 16 months since my transplant, the GI problems have been the worst. Have had a bit of cramping but my innards have been a nightmare!

    I don’t envy your warm weather Pat. I love the change of seasons here in southern Ohio! Snow and cold is good for the soul!! LOL!

    Hope you’re feeling better!

  10. Pat Killingsworth Says:

    That’s just what people stuck in the snow say, Scott! But southern Ohio? Not exactly the frigid north! Between you and me, Pattie and I have considered moving back to Madison. Now that’s cold! Not as far north as when we lived just across the border from Minneapolis, but cold, nonetheless.

  11. Scott Hansgen Says:

    I guess that all depends on your definition of cold. For me, anything below 10 degrees isn’t cold anymore…IT’S STUPID!! LOL! I wouldn’t like it cold all the time anymore than I would like it warm.

  12. Pat Killingsworth Says:

    I’m surprised, but the summers in Florida don’t bother me, especially when it rains a lot, breaking up that relentless summer sun…

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