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Just another day?

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Just another day?

I feel great!  Energy level is good.  I’ve even been experiencing less bone pain, allowing me to cut back on my pain meds.  So why am I so apprehensive about  a tiny prick in the arm today?

All part of the routine surrounding my six week treatment cycle; once a week Velcade, sub-q with a dexamethasone chaser for four weeks, followed by a welcome two weeks off.  On Monday of the sixth week, I drive an hour south to Moffitt Cancer Center for a blood test.  I then drive back on Friday to meet with my myeloma specialist, Dr. Melissa Alsina.

But this week feels different.  If my M-spike creeps up–even by as little as 0.1–Dr. Alsina and I will have a decision to make.  It won’t be if she should adjust my well tolerated treatment regimen, but how.  And not when to make the change, but NOW!

What drug–or drugs– should be added in order to try and halt my slowly advancing myeloma?  I’ve shared examples of the most likely therapy adjustments we’ve considered with you in the past; adding Cytoxan or switching over to Pomalyst (pomalidomide).  My local medical oncologist, Dr. Vikas Malhotra, suggests we try adding low dose Revlimid one last time.  But Dr. Alsina is concerned about the dampening affect Revlimid has had on my immune system in the past.

Cancer patients are advised to live “one day at a time.”  So I shouldn’t even think about any of this today, right?  Just a pleasant, post rush hour drive into sunny Tampa, followed by lunch with my friend and fellow myeloma support group leader, Richard Blustein.

I should have the test results by Friday afternoon.

Feel good and keep smiling!  Pat