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Pat’s Medical Update: On the edge, but holding steady

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Pat’s Medical Update: On the edge, but holding steady

Good news.  Not great news, but it could be a lot worse; my IgG is up 10%, but my monoclonal protein level remained at 0.6 after the latest six week cycle.  Considering my history of bone involvement with M-spike readings as low as 0.5, the plan was to make a therapy change if it ticked up even a little.

Whew!   My myeloma specialist is out of town speaking to a group of physicians in South America.  If my M-spike had climbed higher, I was to email her so she schedule me next week to discuss and formalize our new treatment strategy.  Now I can skip that.  No extra trip down to Moffitt Cancer Center in Tampa next week.  No new side effects from one or more new drugs to adjust to.  Four more weeks of Velcade sub-q, once each week, with an oral 20 mg dexamethasone chaser.  Then another two weeks off.

This treatment schedule agrees with me.  My peripheral neuropathy is a bit worse, but I’m able to manage.  I’m stiff and tired the night following my Velcade injection, but that doesn’t bother me when I know what to expect.  Sure, dex makes it difficult to sleep.  But Pattie hasn’t complained about altered moods or my being too high strung; she’s used to it by now.

Stable is good.  Status quo.  I’ll take it!

Feel good and keep smiling!  Pat