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Remembering Laurie Arnn from Texas

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Remembering Laurie Arnn from Texas

The myeloma community has lost a dear friend, Laurie Arnn.  I first met Laurie online a year or so ago.  Despite enduring an unfair number of serious myeloma related side effects, she was always upbeat and positive.

I have mentioned Laurie and Phillip on MMB several times.  She was still in rehab, hoping to go home soon.

Unfortunately, Laurie recently lost her battle to stay with us in this world.  Her dedicated and oh so thoughtful husband and caregiver, Phillip, kindly emailed me to tell me the news a few weeks ago.

GEDSC DIGITAL CAMERAI was going to write a tribute to her, but Phillip beat me to it.  Here’s what he had to say:

My wife, Laurie, had the gift of giving. Her greatest joy was picking just the right gift and watching the pleasure it gave to the recipient. She loved to cook for family gatherings. She was a great cook. She was my everything. For forty two years she was my love, my closest friend, my cheerleader, my muse, my check and balance, the center of all that was home. For the past thirteen months I have been at her side in hospital and rehab center, only spending a few months of that time at home. There was never a day that I did not think she would beat this thing, not until the day I signed the papers to move her to hospice. Then my world fell apart. Our year long fight is at  As her constant caregiver my record of our journey to healing may be of some help to those of you who are still fighting for the best care for your loved one. Stay strong and love hard. Then you will have the peace of knowing that you did everything within your power for the one you love. 

Phillip Arnn

Here’s a link to Laurie’s obituary:

And another picture for the road:

4 x 6 in. (2)

Despite our loss, seeing that smile helps me feel good and keep smiling!  Rest in peace, dear friend!  Pat