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YES! Everyone is welcome at next month’s Myeloma Beach Party!

Posted on January 14 2014 by Pat Killingsworth | 1,149 views

I’ve received several emails from readers, asking if their friends or family members can come to our Myeloma Beach Party, too.  YES!  All are invited to join us as we celebrate life in Tampa on February 22nd.

Bahama Breeze sunsetThe savings for booking travel early during the busy season in Florida can be big, so I’m pestering everyone now before costs become prohibitive.

My post from last week featured a number of helpful travel options:

Sick of the cold? Myeloma Beach Party in Tampa next month


I have already received a dozen RSVP’s from out-of-state members of the myeloma community.  We expect 30 or more from here in Florida to attend.

Concerned you don’t know anyone?  Don’t be!  We’re all family!  Don’t know your way around?  Volunteers from our support group here will gladly pick you up at your hotel and take you to the party and back.  You won’t even need to rent a car.

Don’t hesitate to contact me if you need help making travel arrangements, or with questions about the event:  [email protected] *  715-271-5037.

Hope to see you in Tampa next month!  Feel good and keep smiling!  Pat

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  1. frank Says:

    Hi Pat, I was just perusing your body of work, (It’s an impressive marker to be recognized as having a ‘body of work), going back through older posts and noting the amount of travel and speaking you do and have done, and organizing the beach party on top of it all…. It leads me to one question… What the heck was your energy level like before mm??

    You’re an amazing man with enormous courage and empathy for your mm family out here..

    Rock On, Pat!

    Frank D.

  2. Pat Killingsworth Says:

    I’ve always been a high energy, type “A” personality kind of guy. I love possibilities; thinking and planning for the future, then acting on it and following through. Myeloma robbed me of that for a number of years. Now I’m planning and scheming again, just like the old days. Thanks for reading! Hope it helps…

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