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Tired of taking tablets and capsules? Chew supplement gum!

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Tired of taking tablets and capsules? Chew supplement gum!

Chewing gum: the newest way to take daily supplements?  I wrote a pair of posts about it recently on

canchewThe first was about a new hemp gum called canchew.  I received a sample in the mail and really liked it!  Touted as rich in antioxidants, unfortunately the gum contains none of the mind altering, nausea or pain relieving characteristics of marijuana.  Conversely, I don’t believe marijuana features the concentrated health benefits that this form of hemp provides.  Maybe our more knowledgeable readers could weigh-in.  Anyone try it?

Next, I stumbled upon an article about a new curcumin gum currently in clinical trials.  Here’s that link:

You might have to chew a lot of gum in order to get 3 gm or more curcumin.  But it could be a pleasant way to break up my morning ritual of downing six bright yellow capsules.

Don’t forget to take all of your curcumin together.  This is very important.  And 20 mg piperine along with it IS A MUST!  Dr. Abrams – who I’ve spoken with several times on air – says adding piperine along with curcumin increases availability up to 2000%!  Got my attention!

Piperine capsules or pills are small and easy to take.  Don’t forget them!

Feel good and keep smiling!  Pat