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Monthly Archives: November 2014

30 11, 2014

Managing chemotherapy side effects (Part Four)

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Yesterday I promised to address the two most powerful weapons a myeloma patient have in his or her cognitive arsenals: counseling and psycho-therapeutic drugs. Listen.  Good nutrition and supplements like curcumin may help slow myeloma down up front.  But on the back end?  It takes the most powerful therapeutic combinations to stop it.  I feel

29 11, 2014

Managing chemotherapy side effects (Part Three)

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Regular reader and MMB contributor, Mark, an allogeneic stem cell transplant recipient, has already commented several times about the effects ongoing chemotherapy has on our cognitive abilities.  Yes, Virginia, chemo brain is real! Up to this point, my chemo induced "fog" seemed to be cumulative; the result of years of never ending chemotherapy.  It became

28 11, 2014

Radio immunotherapy? Why not?

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Well, we've all been lobbying for more "outside the box" thinking when it comes to myleloma therapy.  I thought immunotherapy might be it.  Still might be.  But radio immunotherapy? Here's a press release from a Nordic oncology firm yesterday.  Guess they don't worry about conflicts with Thanksgiving in Europe: Nordic Nanovector and Affibody Collaborate on

25 11, 2014

Managing chemotherapy side effects (Part One)

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Yesterday I wrote that, "I’m planning a series of posts about how side effects can change the way we live our lives, along with a number of tips designed to help make them more manageable."  This is my introductory installment. Over the past seven years I've personally experienced most of the common side effects caused

24 11, 2014

Next two weeks myeloma crazy!

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I wanted to give you a sneak peak of the next couple of weeks--crazy busy, both for me and the world of multiple myeloma research. The American Society of Hematology (ASH) annual meetings are in two weeks out in San Francisco.  That means there should be a lot of pre-meeting buzz, then the data and

21 11, 2014

Myeloma specialist leads Miles for Myeloma

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How refreshing; a myeloma doc that gets involved and gives back.  Outstanding! BTN LiveBIG: IU professor goes the distance for myeloma By Laura Depta - BTN In his “day job,” Dr. Rafat Abonour is a professor of medicine and a researcher at Indiana University specializing in multiple myeloma, a rare blood cancer. But he’s also

20 11, 2014

Listin to brodcasts featuring myeloma’s best: Dr. Gareth Morgan (UAMS) and Dr Vincent Rajkumar Mayo Clinic

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Sorry for the delay.  Cure Talks (new name, updated site) has been under construction.  Click on the link below: Then drop down under first large graphic and click on the "go" arrow on the right side to listen.  It's worth the trouble! Cure Talks Director, Priya Menon, promises access will be easier next time. 

19 11, 2014

Dr. Gareth Morgan: New pathway to a cure!

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Last night's Cure Talks broadcast was both encouraging and overwhelming.  Myeloma Institute of Research and Therapy (MIRT) Director, Dr. Gareth Morgan, spent a great deal of time discussing upcoming advances in myeloma therapy and diagnostics.  This wasn't more of the same.  Dr. Morgan revealed a number of new, innovative approaches being initiated now in Arkansas.

18 11, 2014

Early myeloma related ASH announcements

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I've very excited!  Yesterday my registration materials arrived for next month's American Society of Hematology (ASH) annual meetings in San Francisco.  And like clockwork, researchers and pharmaceutical companies have started issuing press releases promoting presentations featuring clinical trial results to be presented there. Here are two early examples.  Keep in mind that a lot new

11 11, 2014

Mayo Clinic drama–and some good advice from a reader

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Doctors at Mayo Clinic, Jacksonville, biopsied three different spots today.  Good thing Dr. Roy pulled some strings to get me in so quickly! I should know which ones need further attention next week.  One was, "possibly melanoma."  According to the attractive young resident that did the exam; an opinion that was shared by the attending.

9 11, 2014

Reflecting back on a close call

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Something concerning happened to me Sunday afternoon.  Pattie and I were driving together running errands.  I needed to turnaround on the main route into town and head back home. I thought that I was thinking ahead and paying attention.  U-turns are legal from most turn lanes in Florida.  This one was no exception.  But there