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Monthly Archives: January 2015

30 01, 2015

There should be a therapy road map for late stage myeloma patients


I've written a number of times about the importance of developing a comprehensive myeloma therapy plan.  Truth is, very few physicians subscribe to this type of thinking.  "Let's see what happens first." That's the mantra. To be fair, I understand why doctors feel this way.  It's almost impossible to predict how an individual patient is

29 01, 2015

Has European innovation developed a new myeloma pathway?

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Researchers are feverishly searching for alternate ways to attack multiple myeloma.  Sometimes referred to as "pathways," I think of it in simple terms: anything that works differently than  an IMiD, proteasome inhibitor or alkylating agent. Immunotherapies like daratumumab qualify.  So does panobinostat, although it doesn't seem to work very well.  ARRY-520 works in a new

26 01, 2015

High cost of chemotherapy shouldn’t keep our doctors from trying

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Any news clip, article or column about multiple myeloma that appears in the mainstream media always gets my attention.  Myeloma survivor, Bob Tufts, makes some thoughtful points on his blog post last week in the Huffington Post.  Here's a pair of excerpts: This cost-based line of reasoning would have harmed me when I was diagnosed

24 01, 2015

This year’s Patient Power interview: Raising your myeloma IQ

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Cancer survivor and Patient Power moderator, Carol Preston, interviewed me last month at ASH in San Francisco about the importance of patient education: The nine minute interview covers a number of topics.  We were standing in a hallway outside the exhibit hall.  The camera tech clipped on a mike and we started.Seeing it for

21 01, 2015

Reader emails always enlightening


I receive a half dozen emails about a topic for every one comment you see after I publish a blog post.  I enjoy getting emails from readers.  Often they're uplifting, helping me power through another day.  And I get some of my best post ideas from them. Here are several examples: Earlier this week, Paul,

20 01, 2015

Radiation therapy? I’m pulling the plug…

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More financial complications.  Wait until you hear this twisted tale. Two weeks ago I wrote a post about how complicated the financial side of my myeloma therapy can be--especially early in the calendar year: Outdated financial rules could hit me hard in 2015   One of the unexpected benefits of taking pomalidomide: pain from new

19 01, 2015

Update: ARRY-520

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At the American Society of Hematology (ASH) meetings in San Francisco last December, I had a chance to sit down with Selena Rush, Director of Clinical Operations at Array Biopharma.  Array manufactures the promising new myeloma therapy, ARRY-520 (filanesib). I had two reasons to meet with Selena.  First, to get an update on ARRY-520; there

16 01, 2015

Register for Pat’s Myeloma Beach Party NOW!


Your Christmas decorations are packed away, New Year's Eve hangovers are gone.  Nine weeks and counting; time to focus the event of the year: Pat's Myeloma Beach Party! Join me--and hundreds of other myeloma patients and caregivers--this year on Fernandina Beach, Friday afternoon and evening, March 20th, all day on Saturday, March 21st and Sunday

15 01, 2015

It’s a four-peat! Add topical chemo to my therapy list

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I thought I had been through it all; oral chemo (Revlimid and pomalidomide), infusion chemo (high dose melphalan and Velcade IV) and most recently, Velcade via sub-q injection.  Three different ways to administer chemo.  Who knew there was a fourth? Three months ago my dermatologist at Mayo Clinic biopsied and removed three suspicious spots.  Since

13 01, 2015

Selinexor shows promise; fewer side effects than existing therapies

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A reader emailed me yesterday with questions about a clinical study featuring the experimental drug, selinexor (KPT-330).  A year ago, The International Myeloma Foundation's (IMF) Medical Director, Dr. Brian Durie, shared his excitement about eight different new myeloma therapies prior to ASH 2013.  Selinexor,  an oral drug from Karyopharm, was one of them: ASH insight

10 01, 2015

The MMRF continues to help push research forward

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Several of you have asked me to post the link from Thursday Morning's Cure Talks broadcast, featuring Italian myeloma specialist, Dr. Antonio Palumbo.  It was a fascinating broadcast.  Co-hosts from India and Florida,  panelists from the East Coast and California, all questioning a physician in Torino, Italy: Best I  can tell the sound quality