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I’ve never planned a kidnapping before!

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I’ve never planned a kidnapping before!

Last night was amazing!  Listening to Danny Parker address the role of spirituality in our lives opened so many eyes.  Dr. Chanan-Kahn’s easy to follow presentation helped us all better understand how current myeloma therapies work–and the ways future therapies may help extend our lives.

I was so busy greeting old friends, making new ones, introducing our speakers and making sure everything was running smoothly, I forgot to take any pictures.  But not to worry!  Co-host Jenny Ahlstrom and TBA Foundation leader, author Dave Visel, took plenty.  Looks like they got some great shots!

I’ll share some as we move into next week.  In the meantime, still so much to do!  Thanks to demon dex and last minute planning leading up to the event–that and apprehension over making sure all goes well this weekend–I had trouble sleeping last night.

This morning, I’m off to an ocean-side meditation session with Danny, followed by the 5 K beach walk fundraiser to benefit CrowdCare’s Myeloma Initiative that I wrote about yesterday.  Then there’s a full day of activities at Sliders Seaside Grill, featuring a keynote motivational talk by myeloma patient, author and Vice President of the NBA Orlando Magic.

Pat will be signing copies of his new book, The Mission is Remission, and giving free copies to everyone there.  Stop on down! Registered or not, meet Pat and grab a book.  Dave Visel will also be signing his comprehensive myeloma guide book, The Myeoma Survival Guide.  Inside you’ll find everything an informed myeloma patient needs to know about our cancer–and how to treat it.  And yes, I’ll be signing books, too.  Pick any of my four titles and I’ll be glad to sign it and give it to you free of charge–our way of giving back to the myeloma community.

The Myeloma Book Club session will last an hour and run between 3:30 and 4:30 on the second floor of Sliders.

Dr. RajeWhat am I looking forward to most today?  Hearing star researcher and myeloma specialist, Dr. Noopur Raje, answer patient questions at 1 PM–and her take on the new immunotherapies and biologics at 4:30.

What then?  As some of you know, I am at a myeloma therapy crossroads.  It’s an unsettling, even frightening time.  I know Noopur.  She’s bright, compassionate; I respect her opinion.

So I’m “kidnapping her;” rushing her off to the airport to catch the 7 PM Jet Blue flight home to Boston.  I’m sure something will come up back at the event that needs my attention.  But how often does a guy get a chance to spend 30 minutes alone with a myeloma specialist that can’t escape?  I’ll have a captive audience!

What should I do before my time runs out?  I already have three different opinions from three different myeloma specialists.  Dr. Raje will make the fourth.  Truth be told, I gave Noopur a heads-up about our trip to the airport.  I’m sure she’s more than happy to do anything she can to help me narrow down which treatment path I should travel.

Ready and willing or not, she’s mine until we reach JAX;  maybe we’ll get stuck in traffic!

Hope to see you today in Fernandina Beach.   Come on down and take a beautiful walk on our awesome beach!  And bring your dog; they’re allowed on the beach, too.  That’s one of the things Pattie and I love about Fernandina.

Feel good and keep smiling!  Pat