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Myeloma legend Mike Katz has died

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Myeloma legend Mike Katz has died

Mike Katz was the longest living myeloma patient I’ve ever met; I believe it has been 25 years since he was first diagnosed.

I met Mike at my first ASH six years ago.  A mainstay at International Myeloma Foundation (IMF) events, Mike worked tirelessly for the group, pressing on even when he wasn’t feeling good.

Mike KatzMike was a big guy with an even bigger smile.  I remember watching him and wondering what his secret was.  To live that long gave so many of us hope.  Did I mention he never had a stem cell transplant?  That inspired a lot of us, too.

Not sure why; other 20+ year survivors I’ve known have all had allogeniec stem cell transplants.  The IMF’s website just posted this on their homepage:

With profound sadness we mourn the passing of Michael Katz, our dear friend, colleague and champion of myeloma patients.

Sad news indeed- Pat