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Tom Brokaw’s book about myeloma out today!

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Tom Brokaw’s book about myeloma out today!

I went long yesterday because I wanted to free up time to preview a copy of Tom Brokaw’s new book, A lucky Life Interrupted.  Doesn’t hit news stands and sites until today.  I was very pleased.  A must read for all myeloma patients and caregivers!

Mr. Brokaw does a nice job mixing his early myeloma battle with a number of historic trips he took his first year.  As you might guess, traveling wasn’t easy.

I enjoyed a trip down memory lane, as Tom described the Mayo Clinic complex in Rochester, including St. Mary’s hospital where I had several surgeries done.

Tom Brokaw's bookTom started on a doublet of Rev and dex.  He must be low risk; that’s standard for a newly diagnosed, low risk patient at Mayo.  That, or CyBorD; Cytoxan is sometimes substituted for Revlimid and combined with Velcade and dex.

Mr. Brokaw explained that his co-pay was very low–and Revlimid is an oral capsule–which is why Dr. Morey Gertz likely prescribed Revlimid to start.  My myeloma doc did the same.

Tom laments how hard it must be for some to pay for all of this; he’s very compassionate in the book.  He also quotes Paul Marks, President of Sloan-Kettering, as saying, “It is not a ‘Mind over matter’ disease, nor is it a disease that has succumbed to the declaration of war against it.”

Quotes like this help make Tom’s book real; he doesn’t sugar coat things.

Tom describes a fascinating plane ride he took with David Niven a year before he died of Lou Gehrig’s disease.  He flew a half dozen times all over the word during his first year post diagnosis.  It wasn’t easy, but the people he met–and events he attended are well worth the read.

It’s not a good book–it’s a great one! I have three copies.  Only need one.  Email me if you like and I’ll send one of my extras at my cost: $22.  That includes shipping and handling.  Simply send me your address; first come, first serve.  I’ll mail right the book away and you can send me a check.

Or use the MMRF’s site (they get a kick back) on amazon:

Costs is about the same.

Either way, get it!  Kindle is only $11.83, audio book $24.  I highly recommend it!  For some reason, a paperback costs more than a hard copy.  I’m trying to reach Mr. Brokaw to see if I can help in anyway; sounds like he’s ready to speak with an experienced patient.  And wouldn’t it be great if he would agree to join us at next year’s Pat’s Myeloma Beach Party?  I’ll have a date for next year’s event set by week’s end.

Feel good and keep smiling!  Pat