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My early transplant results look encouraging…

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My early transplant results look encouraging…

I don’t see Dr. Tricot until later today. But thanks to MyChart online patient portal, I had a chance to see enough of my test results yesterday to give me an idea what to expect.

Best I can tell, the news is good.

But before I celebrate, experience tells me, “Not so fast!” Have you tried to interpret one of these radiology reports? After rereading a summary of my PET scan and brain MRI results several times, I had more questions than answers.

Guess that’s why our specialists get the big bucks!

Two things are clear. Our gamble to try an ill-advised salvage stem cell transplant paid off. Most of my lesions are no longer active. And the ones that are have apparently begun to shrink and lose intensity. Encouraging, but subdued or not, this also means my myeloma is still hanging around.

I’ll share details after I meet with Dr. Tricot. For now, I know just enough to be dangerous. My mind was racing as I headed out for a long walk along the scenic Iowa River to clear my head:

IOWA 021

I must have walked for over an hour, pondering questions yet to be answered. It helped. I soon began to focus on the beauty all around me. The day was cool and slightly overcast. Everything was lush and green. And the goldenrod was still blooming.

I’m not big on “selfies,” but here’s proof that only two months out, I’m still a compliant patient, wearing my mask as instructed:

IOWA 018

The sojourn helped take the edge off. No more speculation. I returned to my room to review the reports again, writing down a long list of reasoned questions for Dr. Tricot. One thing is clear: I’ll be faced with a number of unfair, nearly impossible decisions to make about my future.

But for now, I’m feeling pretty good about the decision to transplant. It may not have worked perfectly, but I can only imagine what it would feel like if I’d gone through all of this and it hadn’t helped.

Feel good and keep smiling! Pat