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New/updated Financial Aid books available NOW

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New/updated Financial Aid books available NOW

As promised, the updated version of my fourth book, Financial Aid for Myeloma Patients and Caregivers, is “hot off the presses,” and in stock through this site and

Few understands how exhausting making phone calls and doing paperwork can be. It isn’t fair! You’re sick, and now you need to work hard in order to try and save some money. It can be a daunting, discouraging task.

Good Days logoMany of you have already qualified for Chronic Disease Fund (now Good Days from CDF) and/or LLS’ Co-Pay Assistance program. But there are so many other ways–large and small–to help ease the financial burden. And fun, free stuff never hurts, either.

Just as important, my book helps you form a strategy that maxes out your options, so you don’t leave any money on the table. A good friend helped me research the book, and other readers have forwarded me updates and suggestions. Pulling it all together was truly a team effort!

Financial Aid for Myeloma Patients and Caregivers is just under 100 pages long, yet features several comprehensive lists and contact information that could save you days researching possible money saving and grant ideas.

Financial Aid Book CoverMy dear friend and former real estate assistant (from another life in Wisconsin), Michele, is helping me get books out to people who need them. She lives near Phoenix now with her retired husband, Ed. Some of you may have met them at this year’s Pat’s Myeloma Beach Party event. Considering my health, I couldn’t continue to write, edit, update and mail out my books without them.

Even so, I read every email correspondence, and I’m here to answer any questions you may have.

Pattie and I don’t prophet from book sales. We donate copies to support groups and treatment centers. We sometimes loose money shipping books overseas. I use some of the money to travel to speak to nurses and support groups. Most proceeds are used to print more books. I’m still working on myeloma related books five and six. But my damn myeloma–and inconvenient stem cell transplants–keep getting in the way.

And many of you can relate to how ongoing maintenance can short-circuit things; between the ups and downs of weekly dex, to the mind numbing effect of pomalidomide, I sometimes have trouble focusing.

Who am I kidding? I tend to be borderline ADD anyway. I start working on one task, then become distracted as I stumble upon another. I’ve always had trouble focusing on one thing. I’m easily distracted by pain; add powerful anti-myeloma drugs to the mix and some days I’m a cognitive mess! Not a great situation for someone who self edits his own posts and creative aspects of our MMB site.

Fortunately, I have an editor at the Myeloma Beacon, and MMRF, to help keep me on point. My publisher and reader volunteers help me edit my books; at least I’m not flying blind on the big stuff.

Speaking of writing, I’m just finishing a blog post for the MMRF about lessons the tough choices (like mine) that all patients and caregivers face throughout their myeloma journey’s. I’ll pass along a link as soon as it’s published later this month.

Feel good and keep smiling! Pat