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Tomorrow’s tests key to my future

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Tomorrow’s tests key to my future

I’m on my way! Iowa City, here I come. I can’t say I’m looking forward to undergoing another bone marrow biopsy (BMB) tomorrow morning, but it shouldn’t be a big deal after I down a shot or two of their passion pink, mind numbing elixir; if all goes as planned, I should be feeling no pain.

Following my BMB come basic labs and a PET scan, capped off with a brain MRI chaser. Good think the Heartland Inn has a shuttle to and from the complex; I’ll be bobbing and weaving my way back to the hospital entrance. Do I turn left or right at the formidable looking Iowa Hawkeye statue?

On the flight up, I sat next to an enthusiastic young artist named Keven Chamberlain. Great guy! He works for the University of Iowa Museum  of Art, setting up exhibitions and ensuring that everything is protected. His job before this one? Building four story tall wind turbines in Oregon.

Only 30 years old, he has an old soul, yet with the enthusiasm of of twelve year old. Oh, to be young and healthy again–I’d settle for healthy!

It was hard leaving Pattie today. I’m glad that her sister, Mary, and brother-in-law, Tom,  will be staying with her. And they’re bringing their nephew’s dog to visit Finnegan. I’m sure our seven rescued cats will scatter and hide for most of the visit.

Tom’s been battling a bad back, but he’s a former roofing framer. Tom’s got some carpentry skills. I’m sure Pattie will have a list of projects for him to work on while I’m gone.

I’m not in a position to post a lot of pictures; I’ll work on that Tuesday after everyone is done poking and prodding me. Fortunately I’ll get a chance to rest up and get some work done on Wednesday before meeting with Dr. Tricot on Thursday morning.

The weather here is unseasonably warm; partly sunny and mid ’80’s. It was warmer here getting off the plane late afternoon than it was back in Jacksonville. I’m going to grab something to eat and get to bed early.

Feel good and keep smiling! Pat