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Dealing with pre-transplant jitters…

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Dealing with pre-transplant jitters…

I saw my radiation oncologist today. Dr. Perkins is confident he can mop up any active lesions the second transplant doesn’t get.

Amazing what they can do with radiation these days. In some cases, Dr. Perkins said they can radiate skull lesions without the radiation ever even touching the patient’s brain. If needed, their practice has a spanking new proton six shooter that is even more exacting.

But Dr. Tricot is confident that my occipital lesion won’t need to be radiated. That’s the idea; for the next transplant to eliminate any active myeloma there.

I’m already stressed-out today. Too much to do and not enough time before Pattie drops me off at the airport first thing tomorrow morning.

Complicating things: a mother squirrel is hell bent on gnawing her way into our attic through the wooden soffit. For those of you that don’t watch HGTV regularly, that’s the underside of the overhang at the edge of the roof. She’s returning to where she had her litter early last spring. It took us a month to coax her and her babies out of the attic after we moved in.

squirrelShe’s all hopped up on hormones–challenging us through the window below last year’s entry spot I repaired–barking at us to let her in.

Not her fault; she instinctively wants to return to last year’s comfy nesting spot. This would only be an annoying challenge if I wasn’t leaving Wednesday. Pattie wants me to buy/build a squirrel nesting box and secure it where she wants to get in; a craggy hole she made in past years. Renters lived here before we purchased and renovated the home, so they most likely weren’t overly concerned.

It doesn’t help that the hole lies along our masonry chimney; options are limited for how to attach an alternative home. That is, if I could find one. Seems most want to find ways to discourage or get rid of squirrels, not put out the welcome mat.

Then I’m to set up Skype, organize receipts from my last trip, make sure I’m not forgetting things for my home-away-from-home hospital office, trim the hedges in front of the house, do laundry and–oh yes, I almost forgot–pack for almost a month. Not that I’m concerned about travel delays flying into the compact, eight gate Cedar Rapids airport. I’ve experienced a delay or flight cancellation of some kind for more than half my flights into Iowa. Friday’s flight delay and subsequent unscheduled stay in Charlotte isn’t helping.

Often writing about things helps me feel better. This isn’t one of those times.

Not to worry; I’m being a bit tongue-and-cheek about it. Once I check into the BMT unit, weather becomes unimportant and time will seem to stand still.

Kidding aside, I do have too much to do. I’d better literally get packing…

Feel good and keep smiling! Pat