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Reader celebrating great response to daratumumab

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Reader celebrating great response to daratumumab

I’m often said our readers are my best resource. Early reports about the new immunotherapy, daratumumab, have been good. Mike, from North Carolina, recently enrolled in a dara trial. He emailed me about how great it’s working for him and agreed to share an email he sent his friends, trumpeting the early results. Here’s a modified excerpt, along with a congratulatory note from his myeloma specialist:

Dear Friends:

Attached is a GRAPH showing the DECLINE in my IgG cancer marker after only 4 infusions of the experiment drug Daratumumab.


WOW! I am very excited by these results. Here’s what my doctor had to say:

Dear Mike,

Your free light chain results are back and they are FANTASTIC!

After four infusions of daratumumab, your serum free Kappa light chains have decreased from 48.22 mg/dL to 3.96 mg/dL! The results were so dramatic, the lab decided to repeat the test to varify the result. It was confirmed, Congratulations!

If you are praying for me, please don’t stop, and please pray this new STUDY DRUG will put me in REMISSION a second time.

MIKEFor 7 years I called myself Remissionary Mike. In fact, I was the only Remissionary in North America, a huge territory for me to cover!

Then in 2010 I relapsed. OUCH! I stopped calling myself a Remissionary, and I started taking chemo again. UGH! I had about 4 different toxic chemos over these past 5 years, and then I QUIT because I could not take it any more. My QOL (Quality Of Life) had gone to ZERO. And after the chemo had left my system, I began to feel great again, but without any treatment I was headed for big trouble, because my cancer would again grow out of control.

I cannot have any more traditional chemo, so this is a much less toxic, targeted therapy drug study may be just the treatment I needed. It just became available at my UNC Cancer Center in Chapel Hill and my oncologist is the study’s manager. I became the first patient enrolled in this clinical trial at UNC.

Maybe I’ll get to use my “Remissionary” title once again!

Now who causes things like this to happen to certain people–at just the right time–to those who love Him? Another coincidence Ruth?

Next month I’ll begin my 12th year with Multiple Myeloma! The majority of patients like me diagnosed in 2004 died within six years.

You have to know somebody to get into Heaven. According to the Holy Bible, there is no other way in! Let me know if you need a referral. Maybe I can help.

Thank you!


I don’t know whether to be more excited that Mike’s doing so well, or about the promising efficacy of daratumumab as a single agent. Impressive!

Mike is part of a Phase 4 clinical trial involving daratumumab  at the University of North Carolina in Chapel Hill. He was diagnosed in 2004 receiving it at the UNC Cancer Center in Chapel Hill, North Carolina.

Then as you read above, traditional anti-myeloma therapies either didn’t work for him, or were so toxic he needed to stop. What a blessing this must be for Mike–and hopeful and encouraging for the rest of us!

I arrived in Cedar Rapids, rented a car and I’m safe and sound at the Heartland Inn in Iowa City. I’ll update my schedule tomorrow; its been pushed up by several days. That’s alright with me. Let’s get this show on the road!

Feel good and keep smiling! Pat