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T cell immunotherapy advancing rapidly

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T cell immunotherapy advancing rapidly

Tuesday night I was part of a panel that questioned myeloma T cell therapy pioneer, Dr. Ivan Borrello of Johns Hopkins in Baltimore. The hour shed light on how and why researchers are so hopeful about the potential of T cell immunotherapy.

Here is the replay link to the broadcast, courtesy of Cure Talks:

It’s definitely worth a listen.

Dr.-Ivan-Borrello-200x200Dr. Borrello is focusing on genetically defined high risk patients. CrowdCare Foundation is in the process of raising half a million dollars to support his work. I’m pleased to announce that over $100,000 has been raised so far.

Our scientific advisory board ranked Dr. Borrello’s work as the most likely to succeed out of 26 submissions made this summer.

Once controversial part of Dr. Borrello’s work: an autologous stem cell transplant is required before T cell therapy can begin. Dr. Borrello explains why during the broadcast–and his answer may surprise you.

Feel good and keep smiling! Pat