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BREAKING NEWS: An historic week for multiple myeloma therapy

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BREAKING NEWS: An historic week for multiple myeloma therapy

The FDA approved Takeda’s oral proteasome inhibitor, ixazomib, late this morning. First daratumumab on on Monday and now ixazomib today.

Velcade and Revlimid were FDA approved in the same year, but I don’t believe in the same week or even month. This is an historic breakthrough for myeloma patients everywhere in the United States. Access to two new drugs from two different pathways that show significant anti-myeloma effect.

I know a lot about ixazomib. We were considering using it as my next therapy if I didn’t transplant. We would have needed to apply for And as I’ve shared in the past, four members of my former support group on the Gulf Coast have had great, long lasting luck participating in several different clinical trials.

Still having trouble getting used to trade names. It may take me a while to start using the trade names, Ninlaro and Darzalex. I’ve hear worse. I should practice. This can get confusing!

Like Monday, I’ll do my homework and pass along important details Saturday. Personally, I think Ninlaro could have a bigger effect on the myeloma community than daratumumab (Darzalex). The only possible drawback: it’s oral. I’m calling a patient tonight that can’t afford their Revlimid. Could the same hit patients that are prescribed Ninlaro?

Ironic, because one would think oral chemo should save the insurance companies money–and make it a lot easier for patients, too.

One more thought. Unlike Darzalex, Ninlaro is approved for patients that have tried one former therapy, not three. That means even easier access. This should make suzierose happy(ier). Her comment (rant) yesterday about the importance of patient access–and how Darzalex should be available to all myeloma patients was spot on.

More tomorrow. Feel good and keep smiling! Pat