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Healthmonitor Magazine: Special Focus on Multiple Myeloma

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Healthmonitor Magazine: Special Focus on Multiple Myeloma

If a tree falls in the forest–and no one hears it–did it fall at all? If I’m on the cover of Healthmonitor Magazine promoting multiple myeloma awareness–and I can’t find the article or cover shot online–did anyone read it?

I remember doing a brief phone interview seven or eight months ago, answering some follow up questions via email and meeting a local photographer for a photo shoot. I had forgotten all about it until a kind reader in Maryland sent me a couple copies on Monday.

Anyone else see it? Maybe its too soon. The main title is, Living with Cancer. Other cover sub titles include Understanding Multiple Myeloma, The tools you need to keep your treatment on track, and Still going strong, eight years later.

I didn’t have any control over content, but they did a nice job. I would have given the IMF, MMRF, CrowdCare Foundation and others a shout out if I had.  They say the color mags are distributed to 120,000 doctors offices, but I’m guessing they mix and match several editions to fit the clinic’s specialty.

MEIf any of you run across it, grab some and I’ll reimburse you to send me some. My family and friends might get a kick out of it. Pattie even liked the picture–and the large picture of me and Finnegan inside.  They pulled that one off line, so I’m running that picture with the post.

One thing’s for sure: I look better with hair!

The thing that excited me most was all of the exposure for multiple myeloma: six pages.

Feel good and keep smiling! Pat