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More good news: Daratumumab follow-up

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More good news: Daratumumab follow-up

Remember the good news that Mike from North Carolina shared with us last month?

Reader celebrating great response to daratumumab

Posted on October 14 2015 | 1,915 views

Here’s an update.

Today I will be at the UNC Cancer Hospital in Chapel Hill all day for infusion #9 of daratumumab, an experimental antibody drug that is working well and not producing any chemo-like side effects. I feel like I got my life and half my brain back!

Today they will draw blood for another cancer test like I had last month. Please pray daratumumab keeps on working and puts me in remission. Thank you!


I’ve been waiting to hear from Mike with his latest numbers. He says his doctors expect things to stay stable or continue to improve. Don’t you love good news?

Speaking of good news, I’m fatigued but nausea has backed off and I’m eating more. Still easy to digest stuff. I’m scheduled to be discharged tomorrow at noon. Works for me!

Feel good and keep smiling! Pat