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My old friend keeps on biking

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My old friend keeps on biking

I’ve met some amazing people on my myeloma journey. One of the most memorable is my good friend, Andy Sninsky.

I met Andy the first time when he was kind enough to speak to our myeloma support group on the Gulf Coast four years ago. Nicknamed “Crazy Guy on a Bike,” Andy would bike anywhere to help raise myeloma awareness and money for research.

“Crazy Guy on a Bike” full of unexpected surprises


Another amazing story about a guy and his bike…


Andy and Paul have inspired me to start bike riding again!


I never did start biking. Long walks with Pattie and Finnegan and laps in the pool are as close as  I came.

I ran into Andy again unexpectedly out in California. I was touring several SoCal support groups when I disc0vered Andy was a member at my last stop.

This summer, Andy was biking his way across Iowa when he made time to stop and see me while I was getting a bunch of my stem cells back:

News about elotuzumab and my life here at home

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So what’s next for our two wheeled friend? Andy is planning a ride across Europe, of course! Here’s part of an email he sent me about it:

I can tell all of you all that I have my 2nd Dr. visit this AM for my Multiple Myeloma and I think and feel that all systems will be a go for my return to cousins John & Joan James in Houston next March 2016 to continue on my bicycle ride to New Orleans for Myeloma Awareness month. I will try to get over to Florida after that for a couple of important University graduations next spring. My plan after that is to then make my way to Pittsburgh and then NYC to Catch a flight to Zurich where I will spend the summer bicycle riding to Budapest. I will be visiting my Austrian Monks and my Austrian doctors, as well as be attending support group meetings along the way and showing them all what that they accomplished since my diagnosis in 2008. I am hopeful that my complete response continues for many years to come. In August of 2016 I will travel from Vienna through Hungary, Slovakia and on to Ushorod, Ukraine (by car) to search for our roots. Who wants to join me on all or part of this adventure? Life is what you make it when you can!

Austria? Andy’s wife is Austrian. He was originally diagnosed there. He raves about the treatment he received for months–and it never cost him a dime! Anyone with the foresight to ride a mile–or across the country–with Andy should consider themselves lucky. The guy would give you the shirt off his back without asking. And the stories he can tell…

Andy, your energy and dedication to our cause is inspiring. I love this guy!

Feel good and keep smiling! Pat