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Not so fast: Infection may derail our travel plans home

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Not so fast: Infection may derail our travel plans home

Having undergone yet another stem cell transplant, I’ve learned one thing you can count on: expect complications.

LEE CorsoI know there are some college football fans out there. Every Saturday during the season, ESPN runs a two hour pregame show, College Gameday. The show’s been on for thirty years or so. One of the original cast members is former Indiana football coach, Lee Corso. Now 80 years old, Coach Corso is best known as the guy who wears a mascot head representing his pick for that week’s big game. I couldn’t resist picturing him dressed as Bucky, posing with a pair of UW cheerleaders a couple of years back.

His catch phrase? “Not so fast.” Corso uses it anytime he disagrees with one of the other personalities on the panel over which team to pick.

Lee Corso’s, “Not so fast,” was playing in my head on a continual loop as little things began to go wrong this week. My carefully orchestrated tandem transplant game plan was starting to unravel.

LEE BuckyFirst, my Wednesday discharge was postponed a day. The reason: I wasn’t eating or drinking enough. No one bothered to tell me this was part of the criteria for my release; I thought having Pattie here was all that really mattered.

Not the end of the world. Let’s face it; this early on (Day 14) I was still just laying around anyway. Still, this was an ominous precursor of things to come.

Thursday, as Pattie and several members of the BMT staff prepared me to leave, I winced in pain as I was carefully lowered down into my wheel chair. The area just below my left hip was really sore. A quick check revealed a gnarly bruise the size of my palm running down the outside of my left leg. It looked worse than it felt.

But discovering it begs the question: Why didn’t anyone (including me) notice it until now? How bad is it? And why can’t I figure out how it got there in the first place? We may be forced to cancel our Saturday flight home.

I’m not happy. Pattie is beside herself. All I want to do is get home to see Finnegan and feel the sun and sea breeze on my face.

Wish me luck. I’m heading off for a dermatology consult and biopsy in ten minutes.

Feel good and keep smiling! Pat