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Monthly Archives: November 2015

7 11, 2015

Next stop: Amelia Island

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My left hip is biopsied and we're waiting for the results. Regardless, Pattie and I are flying home today as planned. Most folks worry about whether they turned off the lights, forgot the tickets or left the toaster plugged in after they leave for the airport. Me? I'm back on the 7th floor for an

4 11, 2015

Trick or Treat: I’m checking out today

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I was just emerging from a five day long, near coma on Halloween. That didn't stop my sister, Joan, from decorating my room top to bottom: These skeletons are clearly visible to the main hallway; Joan has been complimented for her spooky efforts to help distract me and others from our unpleasant captivity. Here's a

2 11, 2015

Day 12: Houston, we have lift-off!

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Remember being a teenager and getting yelled at for staying in the shower too long? Or dealing with a son or granddaughter for using up all of the hot water? Check this out: I can finally smile! It was an excruciating week. For three or for long days I was a mess; all drugged up,