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Thank God I’m Alive!

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Thank God I’m Alive!

I’ve been battling top to bottom GI issues. So much nausea and diarrhea that Pattie suggested I skip the hour drive to attend Mayo Clinic’s monthly support group meeting. I reluctantly agreed.

Too bad. My new friends there have been exceptionally supportive. GI hell or not, I’m blessed!

1111151516_Burst01Tough slog trying to normalize life back home, yet every minute isn’t bad. A few moments ago I caught myself pain and indigestion-free, gazing off into the warm autumn sun. The lime green and purplish tropical plants surrounding the pool enclosure are still exceptionally bright, giving me hope that I can look forward to a few more warm days.

This is why I reluctantly agreed to a toxic round two. This is why I sat by myself, on that hard, dehumanizing toilet for weeks while I cussed and cried, fighting the pain of an unrelenting gatekeeper, my inflamed stomach lining determined not to let a morsel of food pass by. I was done, finished, ready to quit.

Reader support and prayers helped me get through. Thank God I’m still alive!