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An amazing day that exceeded unrealistic expectations

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An amazing day that exceeded unrealistic expectations

Sometimes Christmas day can be a letdown. Let’s face it; the media and retailers build it up so much it’s hard to live the idealized version. Am I right? That said, the time I spent today with Pattie, our Island Dog and Calypso Kitties was amazing. I didn’t even think about checking email or posting something until we got home from checking out Xmas lights and taking a walk on the beach under a full moon.

We swam and I cooked. Turkey, stuffing, mashed potatoes with extra butter, green been casserole, my world famous homemade cranberry sauce, steamed broccoli–and don’t forget the crescent rolls.

I made enough to take next door to our housebound neighbors. A feast fit for a king!

A few nights ago NBC ran their traditional best of the season Saturday Night Live holiday special. In 2011 I wrote about enjoying a musical short they run every year:

One of my all-time favorite Saturday Night Live animated shorts features Darlene Love singing “Christmas time for the Jews.”  Love it!  The part about a Rabi circumcising squirrels in Central Park is amazing!  If you look closely, you can see the little crossed bandages placed carefully over their little squirrel nuts.  HA!

I felt a lot better today. My diarrhea is becoming an intermittent, I can live with this type of thing. Hard to feel good when you’re spending most of the day sitting on the porcelain throne.

Here’s another excerpt from that Xmas post:

I’m hooked on often poorly produced, tacky and sappy Christmas movies on the Hallmark Channel and–believe it or not–two or more other channels that run Christmas movies 24/7 on cable.  Memories of a not-so-perfect childhood, glossed-over to focus on the one part that was: Christmas.

My mother adored Christmas.  And it was a magical time for me.  As strange as it sounds, she didn’t drink as much over the holidays.  My father (a hard working, young attorney) took a few extra days off then, too.  So when I see the idealized, happy-ever-after story lines that dominate these made-for-TV films, I reflect fondly back to my childhood; conveniently forgetting that my mother was a mean drunk and died when she was  my age of lung cancer.

I’m painfully aware that the Christmas season can be a difficult time for many. What about my new friends in the University of Iowa BMT unit that are stuck there, feeling sick and despondent? Extend that out to hospitals and nursing homes across the country. Divorce, loss of a loved one, substance abuse; all reasons enough to understand why some can’t embrace the holiday.

And what if you’re Jewish or Muslim, living in predominantly Christian neighborhoods, bombarded by Christmas ads?

All reasons for me to appreciate my amazing day! Hope you had a good day no matter what your circumstances; even if it was just a sliver of time when you felt empowered, hopeful and loved.

Feel good and keep smiling! Pat