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Hotel options for April Beach Party event

Posted on December 30 2015 by Pat Killingsworth | 3,059 views

It’s hard to believe that we’re only three months away from the 3rd Annual Pat’s Myeloma Beach Party. The event is a “party” in name only; there will be 15 myeloma experts on hand to address topics that last year’s attendees and readers feel are most important to them.

The three day event is scheduled April 1st – April 3rd in Fernandina Beach on picturesque Amelia Island.

LIGHT HOUSEAs a reminder, the $60 registration fee includes a swag bag full of fun gifts and coupons, an awesome catered dinner on April 1st, lunch and a dinner on Saturday, April 2nd and brunch on Sunday, April 3rd. Register before the end of the year and the registration fee is discounted $15 to $45. Last year 120 registered; we’re expecting between 150 and 200 patients and caregivers this year.

Michele and Ed from Phoenix have been helping me out and handling registration for me. A dozen other volunteers are starting to help organize other event details. It’s a lot of work, but worth it! Getting to spend time with so many online friends is amazing! I learn at least as much interacting with other patients as I do from the doctors, nurses and researchers that speak to us.

So this year I’ve made sure to schedule a lot more “get to know each other” time. Last year I think we tried to cram too much in without leaving enough time for us to visit.

Break out sessions will be the key. You’ll have choices. And if you’re afraid of missing something, some of the topics will be covered more than once.

But I’m getting ahead of myself. People need a place to stay! Although it isn’t as commercial or busy as a place like Daytona Beach, Fernandina is still an ocean side community. Lodging here is expensive, especially this time of year. The weather should be perfect. There will be some spring breakers, but just enough to add to the fun.

With rooms starting at $129 a night, staying on Amelia Island may not be affordable for some. So we’re providing a list of less expensive options that are 30 minutes or so away. First, here are the Fernandina Beach lodging options:

2016 Pat’s Myeloma Beach Room Rates

I can personally recommend these four properties:

Amelia Seaside Inn
6 blocks from event
Block of 41 rooms
10 @ $145
5 pool view @ $158
6 pool view suites @ $179
10 ocean view suites @ $199
10 ocean view with balcony @ $208

Amelia Hotel at the Beach
Across the street from ocean and Sliders Bar and Grill; last year’s venue.
3 miles from event.
30 rooms @ $129

Residence Inn Marriott
Atlantic Ave 5 blocks from the beach – 3 miles from event
20 rooms @ $149

To book online: Click HERE

Comfort Suites
Across the street from the beach – 5 blocks to event
No block of rooms. First come, first serve
$160 ($144 AAA or AARP)

There are several nice chain hotels just off Interstate 95 at the Amelia Island exit. They’re 20 minutes away. Unfortunately, their rates in April aren’t a lot less than those on the Island. You might save $20 a night. Michele did find a Best Western there for $89 a night. Expect that and other rates to rise as we get closer to April.

Here is a list less expensive places to stay a 30 minute or farther drive away; south by the Jacksonville airport and north just across the border in Georgia:

Days Inn 855-799-6859
1353 Hwy 40 East
$36-$42/nt (Non-Refundable vs Free Cancellation Prices)

Includes Breakfast, Free internet and Parking
26 Miles/40 mins

Microtel Inn & Suites 866-599-6674
1325 E King Ave
Kingsland, GA 31548
$55/nt (Book Now/Pay Later Rate)
Included Breakfast, Free Parking and Internet
26 miles/40 mins

Baymont Inn & Suites 855-296-5767
105 May Creek Drive
Kingsland, GA 31548

$51-$60/nt (Non Refundable vs Free Cancellation Prices)

Includes Breakfast, Free Parking and Internet
26 miles/40 mins

Hotels near JAX:

Travelodge Inn & Suites 855-296-5766
1153 Airport Rd
Jacksonville, FL 32218
$59-$70/nt (Non Refundable vs Free Cancellation Price)

Includes Breakfast, Free Parking, Internet and Airport Shuttle

26 miles/41 mins

Red Roof Inn 855-873-6562
1063 Airport Rd
Jacksonville, FL 32218
$54/nt (Free Cancellation Price)

Includes Free Parking and Internet
26 miles/41 mins

Days Inn 855-799-6859
1170 Airport Road
Jacksonville, FL 32218
$55-$65/nt (Non Refundable vs Free Cancellation Prices)

Includes Breakfast, Free Parking and Internet

26 miles/41 mins

In Yulee:

Best Western Plus 866-295-5798
462577 State Road 200

Yulee, FL 32097
$89/nt (Free Cancellation Price)

Includes Breakfast, Free Parking and Internet
16 miles/30 mins

Yulee, Florida should ring a bell for college football fans; this year’s Heisman Trophy winner, Alabama running back, Derrick Henry, played his high school football in Yulee. It’s the town just west of Amelia Island.

I understand as well as anyone how difficult it can be to travel when you’re not feeling well. But this annual gathering is an opportunity to meet and exchange ideas with lots of fellow patients and myeloma experts. And enjoying 13 miles of beach in 80 degree temps doesn’t hurt, either!

You can register by going to My Cancer

Hope to see you in April!

Feel good and keep smiling! Pat

8 Comments For This Post

  1. Ellen goldstein Says:

    Pat, Do most people fly to Jacksonville? I see there’s an airport in fernandina beach. If I don’t want to rent a car what’s the transportation like to and from the airport? Is a car necessary if staying at one of the hotels close by? Thanks, Ellen Harris

  2. Pat Killingsworth Says:

    Hi Ellen! So excited that you’re coming! Yes, most fly into Jacksonville. May cost a bit less into Orlando or Tampa, but both are over 3 hours away. We can have someone pick you up–staff or another patient. You won’t need a car. Shuttle to Women’s Club (event site) or you can walk if you’re ambitious and stay at one of the two hotels close by. It’s an amazing, close knit and giving group. People will be lined up to help you get around!

  3. Ellen Harris Says:

    Thanks, Pat. Sounds great! I was speaking to my husband about the trip, and he wants to come with me, which I am really happy about! Will there be any non-myeloma activities for those who want to go that path?

    Also, what experts will be there? Just curious……

    I look so forward to meeting you and everyone else!

    Thanks for all you do, Pat!

  4. Pat Killingsworth Says:

    We’d be so excited to see you here in April, Ellen! You and another 150 or so of my closest friends! Yes, we’ve scheduled more unscheduled, get to know each other and the area time, this year. After striking out trying to convince several big names to headline (sometimes they want compensation, which we don’t do–expenses only) Pattie and I have come to the conclusion that isn’t why people come. It’s the camaraderie, to exchange information and learn more to help improve our quality of life. So we have a physical therapist speaking. Several long lived 15+ year patients (One approaching 25 years) share their secrets. Caregiver tips. This year we’re working hard to try and include a number of African American patients and caregivers in the program. Kim Alexander is well respected in myeloma circles. Representatives of the three newly FDA approved drugs will be here to help educate us about them. My specialist, Dr. Tricot, will be speaking about a number of therapy options which rely on established myeloma drugs that are overlooked by many myeloma docs. 15+ speakers will be available in breakout sessions so you can pick and choose topics that are most important to you. The area? It has so much to offer. History, the ocean and 13 miles of beach, world famous Cumberland Island and its wild horses is just a short boat ride across the Amelia River in Georgia. I haven’t been able to create a brochure and confirm a schedule yet. Having cancer is so inconvenient! I’ll have materials for you in a month. One delay: We always wait for drug company grants to be approved so we know the type of budget we have to work with. Patients and caregivers are volunteering to help us, and that helps keep costs down. But food is always GREAT and most would agree its an amazing experience. Hope you can join us!

  5. Ellen Harris Says:

    Thanks, Pat! It sounds fantastic! I hope I can keep up with everything!

    How are you feeling today? I hope the water retention and GI issues are improving. My stomach was a mess for months after my one transplant! I stopped keeping track of the number of times I visited the ladies’ room… point. I was just glad I could hold food down. Have you tried to eliminate milk products? Those can be hard to digest and create problems. Or use the lactaid pills or products. That helped me…..

    See you soon!

  6. Tanja Says:

    Hey, Pat, Jonathan and I are thinking about coming to the party! I saw someone said there is an airport at Fernandina Beach. Would we be able to fly our plane into that airport? If not, we might consider driving there again and flying back home on commercial airline.

  7. denise Says:

    where can I get info about scholarship for the event?

  8. Pat Killingsworth Says:

    I emailed you Denise. We will talk more tomorrow.

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