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This is why I do what I do

Posted on December 15 2015 by Pat Killingsworth | 2,712 views

I experience countless emotional moments as I hear from myeloma patients and caregivers from around the country and sometimes, around the world. I wanted to share an exceptionally personal one with you here today.

In October, I flew up to Boston for an annual reunion of Myeloma Patient Ambassadors. I was a member of the first class of trained speakers that hit the road to speak to groups of nurses, doctors and patients six or seven years ago.

Light the nightPart of what makes the time in Boston special is our annual Light the Night walk for the LLS. The LLS sponsors hundreds of these events countrywide each year. But Boston’s event is exceptional. Attended by tens of thousands, it takes place in historic Boston Commons. Walking surrounded by glowing lanterns and all of that history is a memory I’ll hold onto as long as I’m around.

I’ve participated in the walk there several times. This year, one of our team members was kind enough to accompany me as I slowly made my way around the historic square. She emailed me after we worked together again last month at another meeting. I would like to share part of her email with you:


The Light The Night walk in October was the first one I have participated in and it truly was such a special experience for me. There are moments in life that you know will effect change somehow and that is how I felt about our (walk).

When I got home, I gave my son Aidan the lantern and told him about Light The Night, and that I had made a new friend. Ever since, when we turn out the lights at his bedtime, he turns on “his” lantern and says “it’s for Mommy’s new friend Pat.” Sometimes we have a deeper discussion, as discussions with 2.5 year old’s go, and sometimes we just admire the pretty glow. Either way, it is always a lovely moment and I wanted to share it with you.

All the best,


No words. Tissue, anyone?

Feel good and keep smiling! Pat

8 Comments For This Post

  1. Sharon Stout Says:

    Lovely, Pat!

  2. Pat Killingsworth Says:

    Isn’t it? Surprised it didn’t generate more interest. Means so much to me. Helps get my mind off getting GI issues settled. Full time job!

  3. Lillian Says:

    So lovely and indeed tissue time ?

  4. Scott Hansgen Says:

    Enough to make my heart cry. Moments like those make up for so much of the “nastys” this wretched disease throws at us. I don’t have internet anymore as we have had to cut expenses to the bare minimum. I decided to bring my tablet to the cancer center today to check up on you and low and behold I see this. Thanks so much for sharing Pat! Sorry about the issues you’ve been dealing with but glad things are turning around for you!! Merry Christmas!!

  5. Ralph Says:

    Be well Pat..

  6. Pat Killingsworth Says:


  7. Lori Says:


  8. Julie Says:

    Hi Pattie- not sure if you read Pat’s comments? But I’ll post anyway, as if you and he are reading his comments still… I miss Pat so much and miss his posts so much. I think about you all the time, and hope beautiful memories are helping your healing process. You two are amazing people that have touched so many lives, around the country and around the world. Both of you! I hadn’t seen this beautiful post before. So sweet. Please know I think about YOU all the time, and will always have Pat’s blog linked on my blog. Take care Pattie, and I hope you continue to have good health, and a beautiful life. Love and hugs, Julie

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