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BOOK REVIEW: Patient’s Medical Journal

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BOOK REVIEW: Patient’s Medical Journal

I recently ordered a copy of Sandra de Bruin and Nick Lyons’ new book, Patient’s Medical Journal. In log book format, it’s a way to record your personal and family medical history, along with documenting your medical visits and treatment plans.

Patients medical history bookNo surprises. The book is well laid out, broken up into sections for insurance, vaccinations, allergies, labs, other tests, supplements and a half dozen more.

My only issue: I have trouble writing, so doing something online would work better for me; I’m thankful that I can still use a keyboard effectively. The IMF has an online way to keep and chart your medical records.

I think the book is a great idea and very worthwhile. Why reinvent the wheel? If you’ve been thinking about starting a medical journal and organizing your medical records, the book could help.

You can order the hardcover book on Amazon at for $12.95 I haven’t been adding books like this to our inventory; just no time. I sell a half dozen of my own titles a week there; as many or more on Amazon.

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Now that I’m starting to recover from my second transplant, I can get back to work on my 5th book, updating and expanding my book about stem cell transplants and focusing on putting the beach party event together. Always plenty to do!

Feel good and keep smiling! Pat