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Can they pump me full of any more meds?

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Can they pump me full of any more meds?

Not to say that there weren’t hiccups, but I was administered my Kyprolis IV late this morning. I took 40 mg dex, and 3 mg pomalidomide, after I learned my platelets had recovered enough to proceed. I tried to get a few things done this afternoon, but basically passed out.

I’m up and about now. Took Finnegan for a walk with Pattie tonight and if felt good.

I was dragging this weekend. Even ran a low grade fever part of the time. But it was normal today in clinic. The only important count that was low: my hemoglobin was dragging at 9.7. I tried to talk my way out of an Aranesp injection, but Dr. Luke insisted. Expensive co-pay this time of year. It’s reimbursable by LLS, but they turn me down the way my clinic bills it. Another project to work on in my spare time.

MEDSThink they can pump me full of any more meds? Vancomycn, Aranesp, benadryl, pomalidomide, Kyprolis, dexamethasone, an anti-nausea I can’t identify, oxycodone, gabapentin, acyclovir, flucanazole and Xarelto. Trouble staying focused? Who, me? Trouble staying conscious!

Oh yes, Dr. Luke. He held a pow wow with Dr. Tricot up in Iowa. Everyone is on the same page. If my platelets continue to run low, the plan is to go to 3 mg Pom every other day. Otherwise, aggressively push forward.

Dr. Luke would be more careful. He’s looking out after me. But as I shared with him, I didn’t allow Dr. Tricot to, “have his way with me,” and go through those six months from hell to take the foot off the gas now. Give me the chemo.

One thing I’m struggling with: remaining clear and focused. I’m working with a lot of Beach Party details, writing and trying to stay organized. Honestly, I think I’m losing. Good thing I have Pattie, my dear friends and volunteers, Ed and Michele in Phoenix, Dave Visel in California, along with a dozen enthusiastic volunteers to help put the Beach Party event together.

Now I’m heading to bed. Falling asleep on the couch can be tough on the body. Don’t you hate waking up after you fall asleep in an awkward position with awake with a sore neck, arm or back? Maybe all three.

I’m doing OK. It’s only going to get better. My hair is growing in like gangbusters. I’ve got that going for me! I should take a selfie. Spent 20 minutes trying. Couldn’t get my phone to focus in reverse camera mode. Clear as a bell facing the other way. Darn kids have really changed the way we live and communicate. Trouble is, they didn’t leave clear directions behind for how to keep up!

Feel good and keep smiling! Pat