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Fast recovery thanks to support from so many amazing friends

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Fast recovery thanks to support from so many amazing friends

It’s official. We didn’t win the Powerball jackpot. One of our tickets did match three numbers, so I should get most of my $20 back. Turns out there were three winners, so there “only” would have been 300 million available to donate for myeloma research. It would have been fun to see what kind of difference 300 million could have made, wouldn’t it?

Last night I joined some amazing people at the Northern Florida Myeloma Support Group holiday party. We took an open air trolley ride to check out millions of decorative lights (they keep ’em up through January), then drinks and dinner at a kitschy downtown restaurant.

I enjoyed speaking with so many new friends that have been praying for me during my recovery. Pattie had to work, so I nursed a cup of coffee to help keep me awake for the hour and a half drive home and skipped dinner. So many myeloma heroes. Anne PacowtaAs Anne, group co-leader and IMF Support Group Coordinator for Florida, reminded us: “This is the best looking group of sick people she’s ever seen,” once again reminding me that there are so many myeloma patients we aren’t reaching, Too sick to come? Too private? No transportation? Can’t be bothered?

I hope its not because of the last one, since there are stats that show patients that participate in a support group and/or see a specialist on average live over twice as long as those that don’t.

I heard from at least half of the group via email or snail mail while I was hanging on before, during and after my tandems. I know it helped.

Thanks, group! There isn’t a meeting in February, so I’m looking forward to seeing everyone again without hat and mask. Just a normal guy–hopefully myeloma free!

Feel good and keep smiling! Pat