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Hope springs eternal in 2016

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Hope springs eternal in 2016

Never a dull moment. Our end of Amelia Island lost power over the holiday. It happens a lot. Even when it isn’t windy, a heavy rain can leave us without power. The unusual part this time: our electricity was off for so long. It usually sputters back on after an hour or two.

I took advantage of the down time to focus on family. Pattie’s Gulf Coast clan was visiting. We had been swimming. But since our island cottage is on a well, no pump, no water, no showers. So we talked, laughed, walked, shopped, enjoyed impromptu fireworks shows downtown and at midnight on the beach. No emails to answer, columns or blog posts to write. Nice!

Last year on January 1st I wrote, “New Years Eve and Day is one of my favorite holidays. A new beginning–and another year I’m still around!”

USC logoWe were preparing to travel across the State to see the University of Wisconsin play Auburn in the Outback Bowl. I was ecstatic we won that game in overtime. This year UW traveled to San Diego to play USC in the Holiday Bowl. We stayed home, opting to watch on TV. Fortunately we still had power so we could see yet another close Badger victory. Back-to-back 10-3 seasons. Nice!

I’m not sure it’s possible, but I’m more excited about 2016 than any new year that I can remember. Hopefully after pounding on my myeloma for over six months, the cancer has been banished for this year–and hopefully many more.

It’s impossible to predict what will happen in any new year; even harder when battling multiple myeloma. But my last PET scan was clean, giving me hope that I might not need to spend as much time worrying, looking back over my shoulder as often.

Here’s hoping that I’m right–and that you have a positive and productive new year, too.

Productive? YES! We can all do more to help our fellow patients and caregivers. Finding a way to help control–or hopefully cure–multiple myeloma is going to take a max effort from all of us.

What do I plan to do? Organize an amazing Beach Party event April 1st. Give all Pattie and I can to help CrowdCare Foundation, the MMRF, LLS, MMORE and the IMF help fund clinical trials for promising T cell and biologic therapies. To continue to champion patient education and ways to help improve our quality of life. This is the ultimate team effort. I refuse to accept my plight without putting up a fight!

I don’t want this precious year to fly by; time seems to be doing that lately, doesn’t it? But when it does come to an end, I plan to be around to help christen another new year. Hope you can join me.

Feel good and keep smiling! Pat