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Isn’t battling myeloma hard enough without having to raise money, too?

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Isn’t battling myeloma hard enough without having to raise money, too?

An amazing over-the-top (pun intended) multiple myeloma awareness and fundraising mountain climbing adventure scaling Mr. Kilimanjaro sponsored by the MMRF:


February 1st, CrowdCare Foundation will launch a safer, but just as exciting Muscles for Myeloma Challenge fundraiser. Our Pat’s Myeloma Beach Walk will be part of the extended project. More about that soon.

Both are great ideas to help myeloma patients live better and longer lives. The sad part?

We shouldn’t need to spend so much time, energy and money doing this sort of thing! So many diseases. So many unfortunate souls; victims of racism, child abuse, rare birth defects. Uncountable unfortunate physical and emotional injuries; the result of fighting for our country overseas.

How much are we expected to give. How to prioritize?

There must be a better way.

Until there is, I focus on multiple myeloma for obvious reasons. But that doesn’t mean other worthy causes don’t tug at my heartstrings and again lead me to ask, “Why?”

The VA has major issues. So does the Social Security Administration. I get it. So fix it!

The NIH’s National Cancer Center does amazing work.  Designate more tax dollars to help support it! Don’t forget our priority, fellow patients in Iowa and New Hampshire. This is a nonpartisan thing. Our number one priority should be more funding for the NIH and National Cancer Center!

Fundraising and cancer awareness gimmicks aren’t going away anytime soon. That’s OK. But not as major funding sources. So unless someone else is luckier than Pattie and I were and can win 900 million dollars to donate to help cure myeloma, the government is the only game in town large enough to really make a difference.

CrowdCare Foundation’s funding of two important T cell trials? Priceless! But it will take so much more. More than CrowdCare, the MMRF or any other foundation (short of one started by a billionaire like Bill and Melinda Gates) can muster.

Vote for candidates that support the NIH and National Cancer Center. And the FDA; they’ve been doing a great job helping companies bring anti-myeloma drugs to market much faster these days. All government agencies aren’t inherently bad. I just named three good ones.

Good luck to those brave and crazy climbers in Africa! Good luck to everyone that helps CrowdCare Foundation and their Muscles for Myeloma Challenge program, too.

We appreciate your help. I know I do.

Feel good and keep smiling! Pat