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Countdown Has Begun!

Posted on February 22 2016 by Pat Killingsworth | 3,143 views


We would first like to thank everyone for the outpouring of thoughts, prayers and support during this time.  They mean more than you could ever know and we hold them close to our hearts every day.  As we move forward planning the event that was so important to Pat, your support gives us strength and purpose…to continue the fight. We know you would like to hear how Pattie is doing. There is a lot to take care of in this situation, so she is very busy taking care of them.  She is so grateful for all of you!  Even with all she has to do, she is making arrangements for this years’ event, to make it a success for all of you. She is an amazing gal!

We are now only 6 weeks away from this year’s Pat’s Myeloma Beach Party! Preparations are in full swing. As you all are aware, this year has a new meaning and is an important year to join us in Fernandina Beach, FL. Not only do we have some very special guest speakers, but we are honoring Pat Killingsworth- Author, Blogger, Patient Advocate and Friend. With this years’ special memorial to Pat, we are filling up fast! If you have not registered yet, please do so as soon as possible!  We have limited space and we do not want you to miss out.  To reserve your spot, click on this link:

Pat’s Myeloma Survival School 2016 Registration

In Honor of Pat, we are also giving the beach party a new name.  It will now be called “Pat’s Myeloma Survival School”.  We are excited about this as it holds a special tribute to Pat.

Don’t forget to join us for the Pat’s Myeloma Survival School 5K Beach Walk while you are there!  Remember, the proceeds go to CrowdCare Foundation to help pay for cutting edge clinical trials that are stalled due to lack of funding. To register, click on this link:

Pat’s Myeloma Survival School 5K Beach Walk 2016

For those of you that have people that would like to sponsor your walk, have them register with their name and put your name in the “Company Name” spot provided on the registration form.  They may also donate to Pat’s Myeloma Survival School 2016 or the Pat’s Myeloma Survival School 5K Beach Walk via Paypal. just go to

Add the persons name being sponsored in the “Notes” section.

We would like thank everyone for their support moving forward for this years’ event.  We couldn’t do this without you!

Never Forget…

Feel Good and Keep Smiling!


10 Comments For This Post

  1. Pam Says:

    My heart skipped a beat when I saw the email come up. I wanted SO badly for it to be Pat sharing his wisdom and dry sense of humor. Those things are in my memory now and that can never be taken away. I wish I could attend but will be there in spirit for sure. Love to Pattie and all the others getting the best of Myeloma.

  2. Gary Petersen Says:

    Thank you Pam, not all can attend and without a doubt Pat knew that more than most. He knew the limitations of health and finances this disease creates. Thank you for your love and wishes. Pat was my myeloma hero and buddy, and I do not have either issue so how could I not go. Best Regards/Gary

  3. Victor Thuronyi Says:

    I am looking forward to being there. And I hope it could be Pat’s Myeloma Survival School Beach Party. The beach party aspect is special, and I think was special to Pat. Part of what this is about is celebrating and enjoying our life, so let’s not lose that aspect of it. We can enjoy being alive even when it is difficult, as Pat did.

  4. margareta emnegard Says:

    I can´t be there, but I´will be there in my heart. All my love to you Pattie and to all others out there suffering like me of this disease. Pat gave me the advice to don´t worry and care about my MM as long as it is not active. It was a good advice and I have tried to follow it. You live as long as you live and Pat will live for long in our heart, as long as someone remember him, and that will take a while. Thanks for your care, energi and godness Pat.

  5. Matt Says:

    Leslie and I willbe there

  6. Andy Sninsky Says:

    Hi everyone, After finishing my bicycle adventure for Myeloma Action Month in March I will hop on Megabus in New Orleans and make my way to Gainesville. Get off the bus I will continue east and make it to Pat’s Myeloma Survivor School. I look forward to being inspired by all of you when I get there because soon after the week my plan is to bicycle from Zurich to Budapest raising awareness of what is possible to do with MM.

  7. Sheri from Idaho Says:

    I have wanted to come each year, but was not able to. But this year I will be there. And I so look forward to meeting everyone that I’ve chatted with online for the past 4 years. I’m just so sorry that I never got to meet Pat in person.

  8. nancy roeser Says:

    Looking forward to the 5K

  9. Gail Young Says:

    Pat has always been an inspiration to me since my diagnosis in 2009. When he came to visit the Boca Raton Support Group and his luggage was lost including his pills, his humor and spirit didn’t fail him even when he was in pain. He did get his luggage later, and we all did our best to help him.
    I will remember him as a sign of hope and having a desire to educate the myeloma community. He is greatly missed but his positive attitude lives on. I am looking forward to attending Pat’s Myeloma Survival School next month and meeting Pattie.

  10. Pat Killingsworth Says:

    We are looking forward to meeting you too!

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