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My world turned upside down

Posted on February 06 2016 by Pat Killingsworth | 4,838 views

As difficult as my myeloma journey has become, the one silver lining has always been my excellent kidneys; no worries on that front. That all changed today. I learned today that my kidneys are/have failed.

I was devastated to get the news; with both Pattie and her sister working for Davita Dialysis, I’ve heard horror story after horror story. In an attempt to avoid dialysis, the first step is plasmapheresis, a process similar to harvesting stem cells.

I should be a pathetic 142 lbs, scrambling to put on some weight. But since I’m retaining water and having trouble peeing, I weighed in at a hard to believe 164 lbs tonight. I knew my hands were puffy and my arms, legs and middle swollen. But 22 lbs? They tell me plasmapheresis should help me shed some water in the short run. The goal: to clean out the dead and dying platelets and red blood cells that are clogging up my kidney, gallbladder and liver. The doctors don’t know what’s causing it yet, but this is a start.

My new team understands the urgency; a tech, nurse and surgeon stayed until 7 PM to place a catheter in my neck. “You’ll feel some pressure now…”  Ouch! Hopefully drawing blood through the third line (never had one with three lines before) will make the pain and soreness worthwhile.

I’m exhausted. Time to turn up the prayer power! I need all the support I can get! They’re taking about getting me up to get ready for plasmapheresis at 4 am to start before the sun comes up. I’ll get everyone an update sometime tomorrow.

Feel good and keep smiling! Pat

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  1. Brian Helstien Says:

    Remember, I made you an honorary Trojan. Fight on you Badger. Fight on you myeloma warrior. Fight on!

  2. Jack Aiello Says:

    Have they looked for Amyloid Pat? Good luck.

  3. Tanjua Says:

    Pat i turned up my prayers you got this. Lord I’m asking you right now that you touch Pat in all the areas that he needs you from the top of his head to the soles of his feet Lord we are asking you to turn things around we ask you Lord to take the excess swelling out of his hands legs feet and wherever there may be swelling we claim VICTORY Lord over Pat’s body right now nothing but VICTORY Lord we are asking that you Cover him in the blood Lord that his kidneys will work as they should

  4. Tanjua Says:

    In Jesus name

  5. nil Says:

    Pat, praying that this setback is quickly resolved and that you will soon be back on a smoother path to recovery. We have all seen how you can summon incredible strength and resolve when needed, and have no doubts that you will do so again.

  6. Kimberly Alexander Says:

    Prayers are headed your way buddy! ?

  7. Laurie Says:

    Praying for you Pat ?

  8. blustein2 Says:

    Sorry to hear that you are having all of these issues. We wish you the best.

  9. Pat Killingsworth Says:

    Pattie and I miss you and Susan, Richard. You’re a good guy. We’ve traveled this myeloma road together. Glad you’re doing so well. Not to worry; I’m going to kick this unexpected complication in the butt! By the way, listening to a lot of Springsteen. I have your CD you cut for me. Watched documentary about Eagles on CNN. Always loved Glen Frey. He died like some of us will. Bet he overused medication so he could keep up with grueling touring schedule in Europe at the end. Resulted in complications. So sad. Not me! Not this time. Love you, buddy!

  10. Christina Says:

    Sending you positive thoughts that this is resolved quickly.
    What a bummer this has to happen after everything you’ve been thru. It’s just not fair:(

  11. Cindy Says:

    Prayers from Missouri

  12. Michelle S Says:

    Praying for you Pat! Get well soon.

  13. Irene S Says:

    Pat, that’s devastating news. I just want to give you one big cyber hug.

    Renal failure led to my Myeloma diagnosis. I remember the doctor just shrugging when I asked if my kidneys would recover. So I did my best to adjust to my new reality. The situation improved but I was totally blindsided three months later when my doctor announced that my creatinine level was back into normal range.

  14. Pat Killingsworth Says:

    Irene, so glad your kidneys made a recovery! Good for you!

  15. Marie R Says:

    Wondering if it was the kyprolis that caused this. It’s a very powerful drug. Hang in there Pat. We’ll be praying for you.

  16. Nancy K Says:

    Pat, you’ve got my support 110%. I’m believing this is a temporary setback. Keep the faith.

  17. Gary Petersen Says:

    Enough already! Praying for you buddy. My myeloma diagnosis started out as end stage renal failure, and I was on dialysis. The doctors at Mayo tried 5 days of continuous high cutoff dialysis and after my dual stem cell and the use of Velcade my kidneys came back from creatinine of 6.4 to now 1.8 and off dialysis. YEH! A link on the use of this for myeloma is at:
    Pat, stay in the fight, so many people depend on you “The Myeloma Advocate HERO!” Your Friend Gary

  18. frank Says:

    Pat, Drop your shoulder and hit this thing right under the chin. No penalty.

    Sorry for this new challenge. Seems like every time you get back on your feet, something flies out of the blue to knock you back down. Exhausting!

    I’m praying that you get some space to gather your strength and that amazing will that keeps you moving forward.

    Blessings, Pat,

  19. craig Says:


    Good luck. I am awaited updates with abates breath due to our similarities. So that is where the platelets went. I knew I was still making them from yet another bedside BMB and CBC labs. I’m also curious about Jack’s Amyloid concern.

    I’m sure you’ll see improvements, here’s to hoping it’s enough.

    Keep on keeping on.

  20. Marilyn Smith Says:

    It is encouraging to read that others have had renal failure and bounced back. You will too. So many prayers going your way, you will get through this.

  21. Holt Says:

    I’m praying for you Pat and expecting that cleaning out the platelets and RBCs will restore your kidneys, gall bladder and liver.

  22. David Says:

    Prayers to you for sure. We’d prefer less exciting blogs of you sitting on the beach enjoying good health. Your last few are riveting for all the wrong reasons. Be strong my friend.

  23. Bob M Says:

    Pat, So sorry to hear about this latest issue. Between all of our prayers, and your spirit, you will get passed this. Try to stay positive.

  24. Efra Says:

    Hey pat
    3 years ago when i ifound i have myaloma
    My kidnies also shut down and stop complitly,i start plasma phresis and dialisa for 2 weeks, they slowly back to life, and today they both work fine
    Be strong
    Preys from israel

  25. Pam Schilz Says:

    Praying so hard, Pat.

  26. Carol Teague Says:

    Sending prayers from Montana,Pat. Praying for strength for both you and Pattie.

  27. Rob Says:

    Prayers and good thoughts headed yours and Pattie’s way from here in AZ.


  28. Lyn Johnson Says:

    Our prayers are with you and Patty.

    EJ and Lyn

  29. Marian - Glenview IL Says:

    Oh Pat, certainly the prayers will be more so than before. I have confidence your fighting spirit will get you through this and you will have another notch to add to your long list of issues/complications. Best wishes to you, Pattie and all your friends — Marian–

  30. Pat Killingsworth Says:

    So many pulling for me. Amazing! Thank you for caring. Love those prayers everyone. My blood doesn’t know where it is or which way is up. Ha! I’ve adjusted emotionally. Got to do what you’ve got to do. I’m OK. Thanks all!

  31. Pam Says:

    That’s our Pat! SO good to check in and see your post. I wouldn’t have been able to sleep until I knew you were OK. Love you, friend.

  32. Sandy Says:

    Praying for you. The multiple myeloma audience needs you. Praying for your recovery and continual improvement.??

  33. Nelson Says:

    Hey buddy you are going to be alright. Whatever will be will be. You have done everything that could be done and that will be done. I always worry about that myself so I totally understand. Prayer goes a long way and always have an open mind. Others have had set backs with kidneys. I am sure your doctors are doing everything they have to do to keep them fully functioning. I am very curious to find out what led to finding out about your kidneys starting to fail and what the doctors finally find out caused them to do so. I know its hard sometimes but always keep up the good fight, never give up even when it might feel hopeless. So turn your world right side up again and keep thinking positive as we always do because we must. Remember sincere prayed goes a long way no matter what and The lord is always there for us whether some of us might have doubts or not. Faith is a very strong emotion and feeling and I am very happy to have it. Have faith my friend.It will all be okay for you, Patty, Family & Friends.

  34. Ellen Harris Says:

    Pat, I’m sure once you get those kidneys back online you will recover. If the filtration system isn’t working it makes sense that you can’t get rid of all the toxins and that’s what is making you sick. I think you are finally in the right place to get things going in the right direction. All of us who are following you are in your corner. We are invested in your recovery and successful outcome. And we all know your tremendous tenacity. You will overcome!!!!! Given that your kidneys have been your strong suit, they will get better. I have seen it many times with fellow myeloma patients and so have you. Hang in there and we are praying for you!

  35. Priya Says:

    Pat…hang in there…just a temporary set back. Praying for you.

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