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My world turned upside down

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My world turned upside down

As difficult as my myeloma journey has become, the one silver lining has always been my excellent kidneys; no worries on that front. That all changed today. I learned today that my kidneys are/have failed.

I was devastated to get the news; with both Pattie and her sister working for Davita Dialysis, I’ve heard horror story after horror story. In an attempt to avoid dialysis, the first step is plasmapheresis, a process similar to harvesting stem cells.

I should be a pathetic 142 lbs, scrambling to put on some weight. But since I’m retaining water and having trouble peeing, I weighed in at a hard to believe 164 lbs tonight. I knew my hands were puffy and my arms, legs and middle swollen. But 22 lbs? They tell me plasmapheresis should help me shed some water in the short run. The goal: to clean out the dead and dying platelets and red blood cells that are clogging up my kidney, gallbladder and liver. The doctors don’t know what’s causing it yet, but this is a start.

My new team understands the urgency; a tech, nurse and surgeon stayed until 7 PM to place a catheter in my neck. “You’ll feel some pressure now…”  Ouch! Hopefully drawing blood through the third line (never had one with three lines before) will make the pain and soreness worthwhile.

I’m exhausted. Time to turn up the prayer power! I need all the support I can get! They’re taking about getting me up to get ready for plasmapheresis at 4 am to start before the sun comes up. I’ll get everyone an update sometime tomorrow.

Feel good and keep smiling! Pat