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Pat Gave Us His All, And Continues To Do So With An Outstanding Survival School. By Gary Petersen

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Pat Gave Us His All, And Continues To Do So With An Outstanding Survival School. By Gary Petersen


Pat’s Beach Party Memorial is now Pat’s Myeloma Survival School, and before he so tragically left us, he put together an outstanding program for the newly diagnosed and long term myeloma survivor.  As only Pat could do, he has lined up some of the best and most knowledgeable myeloma doctors and patient advocates to present the World of Myeloma According to Pat.

The newest and most up to date treatment for myeloma will be presented by Dr. Guido Tricot.  He has been a leader in the myeloma treatment since his days at UAMS.  His program has resulted in estimated life expectancy 2 to 3 times the average published by the National Cancer Institute.  He was also Pat’s doctor and was able to get Pat into sCR. and will be able to discuss TTP, which was the rare blood disorder twice as rare as myeloma which caused Pat’s brain aneurysm.

Just so you all know this educational program is still very much alive, and although Pat’s recent passing had all but eliminated new sign ups, they have started to pick up and we only have 50 spots left!

Some of the speakers of the 2016 Pat’s Myeloma Survival School will be:

Dr Guido Tricot- MD, PHD University of Iowa Hospital/Holden Comprehensive Cancer Center
He will share his knowledge on “Total Therapy Demystified”.

Members of his Staff will also be attending to share with us:

Hanson Bloesch-RN, BSN and Sandra May Hofmeister-RN, BSN will be speaking on “The Transplant Experience from a Nurse’s Perspective”.

Melanie House, PT, Clinical Specialist will be speaking on “The Physical Challenges of Myeloma from Diagnosis to Treatment”.

Mary Doyle- Facility Administrator for Newport Richey Kidney Center will speak on how to “Protect Your Kidneys” Diet/Dialysis/Labs . A member of her staff, Maria Ramos- Patient Liaison/Patient Care Technician will be giving insight as well.

Dr. Brian Van Ness- PhD, University of Minnesota Cancer Center, Professor and Head, Dept of Genetics, Cell Biology and Development speaking on “Promising New Drug Research”.

John McKillip- DDS, University of Missouri College of Dentistry shares his story on “My Transplant Experience”.

Dr Ryan Perkins- Oncologist from Ackerman Cancer Center in Jacksonville, speaking on “Innovations in Radiation Therapy”.

Kim Alexander- (Wife of Elijah Alexander-NFL) tells her story “Caring for Elijah”and her goal to duplicate Myeloma Patient support in every place Elijah played.

Tracy Bonds- RN, Amgen’s Clinical Nursing Educational Team on “The Survivorship Deck: Four tests to keep you on top of things”  together with Dave Visel, Author of “The Myeloma Survival Guide.

New FDA Approved Drug information from the pharmaceutical companies.

Sessions on “Caring for the Caregiver”.

How the MMRF and IMF can help and what support is available

Danny Parker will speak on “Myeloma, Food and More” and share Chi Gung with us in the mornings.

These are just a few of the great speakers we have this year.  There are many more that are willing to share their knowledge and personal stories so that we all may continue this fight.

In addition, many myeloma advocates including Cynthia Chmielewsk, Nick Van Dyk, and Gary Petersen will be there to meet and greet and provide you with their myeloma incites.

Pat and Pattie would like no more than to have a full house, and even after death, Pat provides hope and a future for all of us in the myeloma patient community.  Come and join us in Fernandina Beach, FL!  PLEASE CLICK HERE TO SIGN UP
And as always-
Feel Good  and Keep Smiling!