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Tough day for me and my blood

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Tough day for me and my blood

Plasmapheresis and dialysis on the same day? My body is buzzing; literally buzzing. But it all seems to be working.

I’ve pivoted emotionally. I’ve got to do what I need to do. Thank God for my new, three line catheter! My neck is  sore, but no big needles. Love that!

Dialysis is starting to hit me hard. I had better wrap up.

The million dollar question: What’s causing this? Infection? Chemotherapy? Two grueling stem cell transplants? Pattie and  I met two new doctors today. Five different doctors are trying to solve the mystery of what’s gone wrong, I’ll share what they had to say, but I left my notes upstairs. Pattie was there and jotted things down, too. Hopefully I’ll feel up to doing a technical post on Super Bowl Sunday–not as exciting as new TV ads, but it should be enlightening.

The best part of my new journey? Check out this amazing view of the St. John’s River from my room in downtown Jacksonville:


This was my view during plasmapheresis this afternoon; they bring their machine and staff to me. Dialysis? I’m in the bowels of the hospital. Techs  took me for a ride downstairs in my own hospital bed. Nice enough, but no windows or view like that. I’ll be back upstairs soon enough. I need to kickback and ride this thing out.

Feel good and keep smiling! Pat