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18 05, 2013

Exercise & Multiple Myeloma (Part Three)

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Our good friend and healthy lifestyle columnist, Danny Parker, has been off-the-grid for several days at a Buddhist retreat.  Upon his return, Danny discovered lots of comments and questions about Interleukin-6 (IL-6).  He has been gracious enough to put-together an unscheduled column to try and help explain what's going on: Exercise & Myeloma: Part 3

7 05, 2013

Exercise & Multiple Myeloma (Part One)

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I recently referred to fellow Floridian, Danny Parker, as a MMB  "lifestyle columnist."   I had labeled him as our nutritional columnist, but understanding the breadth of Danny's experience, I don't think that's sufficient anymore. Danny is a published author, scientist and engineer.  He is also a Zen Buddhist priest, making Danny a modern day Renaissance

22 03, 2013

“Fun Fridays!” series kick-off

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Before I introduce our new "Fun Fridays!" weekly series, I wanted to quickly touch-on Wednesday night's Myeloma Cure Panel webcast, featuring Anya Prince, an attorney with the Cancer Legal Resource Center. Anya answered questions about what employers can and cannot do--and what an employee should do--once they are diagnosed with multiple myeloma.  Anya also fielded

6 03, 2013

Mayo Clinic’s Dr. S. Vincent Rajkumar: Doctors and patients should be cautious when using curcumin

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Myeloma patients in the know recognize curcumin, an extract of the spice turmeric, to be a potentially powerful anti-myeloma supplement.  But like most supplements, curcumin is unregulated and understudied.  Anecdotal evidence looks extremely promising.  So much so that activists (like me) in the myeloma community have endorsed it as a natural, inexpensive complementary medicine option

5 03, 2013

New study showcases curcumin

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Myeloma nutritional expert, Danny Parker, has been following curcumin research for years.  He emailed me last evening, excited about a new micro study he found: Pat, This study was just published on February 18th in the Journal of Hematological Malignancies, tracking two patients with smoldering myeloma.  Margaret Graziano surfaced it on her blog recently (,

21 02, 2013

The facts are in: NutraSweet® and Equal® are really, really bad for us!

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It's official: I have kicked my daily Diet Coke habit.  Why bother--especially since I was only drinking one or two cans a day?  Haven't you been paying attention?  Remember this post from a month ago: Convincing evidence that drinking soda isn’t good for myeloma patients   IMF Medical Director, Dr. Brian Durie, came-out forcefully against

9 01, 2013

Convincing evidence that drinking soda isn’t good for myeloma patients

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Danny Parker has been forwarding me information about how bad drinking soda is for me ever since he saw me drinking a Diet Coke the last time we met.  So Danny, this expose' I just posted about the evils of soda pop on was written for you, good friend: More damning evidence against NutraSweet?

14 11, 2012

The collective wisdom of my readers is a powerful thing.

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To start, I would like to apologize to a number of readers that never saw their comments published.  I normally receive an email whenever someone comments on any post--or so I thought.  But I learned today that there were 27 comments from the past week or so waiting to be approved by “the Administrator.”  HEY! 

12 11, 2012

Proof aspartame can cause multiple myeloma?

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More proof that there is a nutritional component to multiple myeloma.  According to a post on Digital, a new human study shows that aspartame use is linked to increased risk of leukemia, non-Hodgkin lymphoma (NHL), and multiple myeloma in men.  Here's an excerpt: Study: Aspartame linked to blood cancers Hector Corsi - Digital

3 11, 2012

Danny says: Probiotic Yogurt May Reduce Stress!

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As promised, here is Danny Parker's new column about myeloma and nutrition: Probiotic Yogurt May Reduce Stress Readers may recall Dr. Brian Duries's previous blog where he announced that stress reduction might trump diet relative to those of us with multiple myeloma.  What was more important, reducing sugar or reducing anxiety? While Dr. Durie