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19 07, 2015

Infection changes everything

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Vancomycin-resistant Enterococcus (VRE). Scary sounding. I've been battling one or more bacterial infections since I got here. Turns out one of them is a VRE. Come to think about it, I've probably had it for months; think back to my mysterious urinary tract infection (UTI) that was never officially diagnosed back home. Levaquin knocked it

6 07, 2015

Game on!

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Preseason is over.  Today starts the regular season.  It's the main event. Last week's stem cell harvest was grueling.  I went back and figured it out.  15 neupogen shots, half I gave to myself.  Four Mozobil injections after hours at the BMT clinic.  Those babies packed a punch!  The first night I only took one

26 06, 2015

Play the odds: What happens if your therapy doesn’t work?

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I wanted to backtrack and focus on what may be the most important factor when analyzing the state of my multiple myeloma: my dwindling number of therapy options. Yesterday I wrote: Apparently my current therapy combination of Cytoxan, carfilzomib (Kyprolis) and dex (CCd) was not as effective as Dr. Tricot had hoped.  He told me

10 06, 2015

Baseball great Mel Stottlemyre facing relapse

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Before I pass along information about Mel Stottlemyre, I wanted to follow-up on my post about daratumumab from yesterday; the companies involved have officially applied for FDA approval. I noticed the Myeloma Beacon ran a story about it; glad they're still relevant and on top of breaking news.  But for a slightly different business slant,

28 05, 2015

A few bad apples give Internet a bad name

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Ever since I as diagnosed I have heard a number of doctors and patients say, "DON'T LOOK UP MULITPLE MYELOMA ON THE INTERNET!"  I have always disagreed.  I find an amazing amount of helpful information there.  But you need to know where to look. For example, if you followed three sites; mine (MMB), The Myeloma

24 05, 2015

Begone, cramps!

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I've been getting lots of great suggestions about ways to try and stop cramping in my hands and legs via comments and email.  Knowing so many of you face similar challenges, here are some past posts with ideas about ways to help from readers: Reader suggestions: How to stop PM cramping   Reader suggestions to