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30 03, 2016

It’s Almost Time!


  We are so excited to have the 2016 Pat's Myeloma Survival School only 2 days away!  It is so inspiring hearing from all of you that are attending and feel the excitement you share with us as the time gets closer.  Here is a picture for you to enjoy of an Amelia Island sunrise!

26 03, 2016

We Still Have Room!


We will all be meeting in Fernandina Beach, FL next Friday already! The excitement continues to grow as we continue to get everything in place. The great news is that we still have some room left!  If you have been considering joining us or know someone that has, we have room for you!  Don't wait

2 01, 2014

Myeloma Cure Panel broadcast recap: 2013


Priya Menon at Cure Talk has provided me a list of links for all of our Myeloma Cure Panel broadcasts in 2013.  Talk about a who's who of the best and brightest multiple myeloma specialists!   It also includes links to our on-air support group meetings.   Check it out: Next up for 2014: Dr. Rajkumar

31 05, 2013

ASCO kicks-off with a bang! Immunotherapies continue to impress

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Immunotherapies.   Thus far most oncologists would classify them as an oh so promising bust.  They work in the lab.  They should work in human patients.  Should have, would have, could have.  But finally, after decades of trying, researchers are starting to figure things out--and the results are impressive! I want to share excerpts from an

7 02, 2012

Looks like I just might be around for awhile…

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I met with my myeloma specialist, Dr. Melissa Alsina, at Moffitt Cancer Center in Tampa yesterday. Great news!  After completing my third, six week full dose RVD chemotherapy cycle, I learned that my monclonal protein reading (M-spike) has continued to edge downward. Let me back-up and fill-in a few of the blanks for our new

29 01, 2012

I’ll sleep when I’m dead…


I'm home from the hospital, well rested and no worse for wear--unless you count the seven or eight spots where nurses couldn't get IVs started because I was so dehydrated. As I was getting ready to email a myeloma friend and tell him to “be careful and take it easy,” I checked my own email

20 01, 2012

Stem Cell Transplants from a Patient’s Perspective is available NOW!

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Today is a proud day for me.  The first print run of my second book, Stem Cell Transplants from a Patient’s Perspective, has been shipped by the publisher. While it will take a week or two for the book to show-up on, our online My Cancer Store is stocked and ready to go. My

25 11, 2011

There are still a few seats available for IMF’s pre-ASH Symposium in San Diego

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The IMF will be featuring a pre-ASH kick-off event the Friday evening before ASH in San Diego. I just checked with IMF officials who assured me there are still tickets available to this year's Satellite Symposium on Friday Evening.  Here is a link to the online registration page: I will be there covering the

4 10, 2011

Shout-out to a helpful volunteer…


Yesterday I gave a shout-out to several people who helped us update our site. The architect of the overhaul is a young gentleman named Robb Klimowicz.  A resident of Spring Hill, Florida, Robb recently graduated from the University of Central Florida in Orlando. Fortunately for us, Robb's four year degree is in Internet Marketing.  He

3 10, 2011

How Do You Like Our New Look?

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I'm so excited! Today, we are launching our updated, new and improved blog site, featuring more pictures, video and up to the minute access to research articles and clinical trials. This is all designed to help multiple myeloma patients and caregivers learn to live better lives with multiple myeloma.  Granted, all of the bells and

27 05, 2011

Technical Difficulties Are Not Allowing Me To Respond To Comments…

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Good Morning! For the second time in less than a month, Blogger, the hosting platform for my site, is not functioning as well as it should.  Frustrating, especially considering Blogger is the most widely used online, interactive format world-wide. It is allowing me to post to all four of my sites, but not respond to

13 05, 2011

I Apologize For Technical Difficulties…

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This morning I learned that Blogger, the blogging site hosted by Google, was down and under repair.I'm not sure why.  All I know is yesterday's post about individual dosing, co-written by Gary Blau, is gone.  Just gone!  No explanation from the company.Blogger is the largest blogging platform in the world.  If I could complain to someone

5 05, 2011

While We Are Waiting For Meaningful, Patient Related News From Myeloma Workshop In Paris: Fascinating Article About Using Vaccines To Stop Multiple Myeloma Before It Starts…

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Check this out... Easy to read, yet detailed article from MIT's Technology Review about using vaccines to fight multiple myeloma.  Click-on the headline below to access the article: Biomedicine A Vaccine to Attack Cancer Early A startup is developing the first vaccine to target patients before they develop cancer. Wednesday, May 4, 2011 - By

1 05, 2011

Sad News About My Friend, Linda


Yesterday I wrote about a friend of mine and fellow Nature Coast Multiple Myeloma Support Group Member, Linda Howell.Linda had been resting comfortably in hospice as she slowly slipped away.  She died early this morning.In her mid seventies, Linda was bright and feisty.  She fought right up to the end.  Linda's caregiver, her sister Paulette,