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29 04, 2011

Dropping Dexamethasone From Multiple Myeloma Therapy May Help Reduce Infection Risk

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I'm always interested in what different physicians and nurses groups are posting about multiple myeloma. Click on the headline link below to access an interesting article, about how dropping dex from a myeloma patient's chemo mix can help reduce risks of infection: For Multiple Myeloma Patients at High Risk for Infection, Chemotherapy without High-dose Dexamethasone Can Help

24 04, 2011

I Hope This Makes You Smile…

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Easter is an interesting holiday.  The day certainly doesn't seem to have much to do with spirituality anymore. So I'm not going to tackle a hot topic like that today.  I'm visiting my father and mother this afternoon, so lets keep this short. A young friend of mine, Robb, hosts and writes for a fun

18 04, 2011

This Could Be Big: New Way To Predict Metastasis Risk in Melanoma


A set of plasma biomarkers in people with melanoma may be useful in predicting which patients are at risk for metastasis, according to research published in the April 15 issue of Clinical Cancer Research.Biomarkers May Predict Metastasis Risk in MelanomaThanks to info site, Doctor's Lounge, for running an important story like this.Feel good and keep

17 04, 2011

New Smoldering Myeloma Vaccine On The Horizon

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I don't write enough about smoldering myeloma.  This "pre-bone marrow cancer" certainly isn't addressed regularly by established pharmaceutical companies. So I thought I would share this news release I found on the Boston Business Journal earlier this weekend, about a new drug company which is betting it's future on an experimental, anti-smoldering myeloma vaccine: OncoPep

13 04, 2011

Medical News: Medicare to Cover Prostate Cancer Immunotherapy


I saved this March 31st article about how sipuleucel-T (Provenge), the autologous immunotherapy for prostate cancer, is genuinely effective in metastatic hormone-refractory disease.  Medicare to Cover Prostate Cancer Immunotherapy Provenge must work if Medicare is going to cover treatement, right?  Good news on both fronts.Feel good and keep smiling!  Pat

12 04, 2011

BREAKING NEWS: First Patients To Receive New Cancer Drug


Here is a link to a breaking news story about an exciting new anti-cancer drug, A Phase I safety trial for the drug, known as AZD5363, which is being tested against breast, prostate, ovarian, pancreatic and gastric cancers:First Patients To Receive New Cancer DrugThe research continues to advance... Feel good and keep smiling!  Pat

12 04, 2011

FDA Revlimid/Thalomid Investigation Update

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The Myeloma Beacon just broke the story about how the FDA is investigating Revlimid and Thalomid, based on research data showing a possible secondary cancer risk following long term, post transplant use. Here is an independent look at the pending investigation by Internal Medical News.  I have highlighted key points I feel are important: FDA Keeping an

9 04, 2011

This is big news last two days…


Alcohol may be linked to cancer - LA TimesDo we need to add cancer to this list?  I thought moderate drinking was supposed to prevent certain types of cancer.  Are you confused yet?Feel good and keep smiling anyway!  Pat