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10 09, 2014

Dr. Donald Abrams complementary cancer therapy interview revisited

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I had the privilege of interviewing a renowned alternative medicine expert, oncologist Donald Abrams, last January on a Cure Talk broadcast.  One of my most popular posts ever, I thought it was worth a second look and listen: Broadcast features expert nutritional advice for cancer patients   Posted on January 20 2014 by Pat Killingsworth

26 03, 2014

Integrated Medicine (IM) is changing oncology

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Guidelines for medical standards of care are beginning to include alternatives that aren't always taught in medical school. Herbal Asian medicine, acupuncture, reflexology, chiropractic and a number of other disciplines are slowly being accepted by European and American doctors.  Unfortunately, oncologists have been among the most reluctant to change.  Conservative and data driven, oncologists tend

20 01, 2014

Broadcast features expert nutritional advice for cancer patients

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I was honored to be selected to host an on-air Cure Talk interview with oncologist and integrative medicine specialist, Dr. Donald Abrams Friday evening.  It's a must listen for anyone concerned about nutrition and it's impact on cancer. Dr. Donald Abrams is a cancer and integrative medicine specialist at the UCSF Osher Center of Integrative

30 10, 2013

Immunotherapy, alternative and complementary medicine

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Yesterday's post focused on why some patient's immune systems fight off multiple myeloma better than others.  Later in the day I hosted an on-air support group meeting featuring special guest, myeloma specialist Dr. Craig Hofmeister.  He spent much of the hour discussing immunotherapy--his specialty. Here's a link to the broadcast: Immunotherapy is a hot

18 08, 2013

Alternative/complimentary medicine for myeloma patients (Part Two)

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Did you get a chance to read the National Center for Alternative and Complimentary Medicine report, Complimentary, Alternative or Integrative Health: What's in a Name?  In it, you should have noticed that by far the most commonly used approach involves natural products.  And in that category, nutritional supplements easily tops the list. My short primer

17 08, 2013

Alternative/complimentary medicine for myeloma patients (Part One)

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I have been following a recent debate among the myeloma community: Is it a good idea for a myeloma patient to try alternative medicine?  Several readers seemed to be confusing alternative medicine with complementary medicine.  Did you know that there is a National Center for Complementary and Alternative Medicine?  I didn’t! A caregiver emailed this