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2 01, 2016

The power of combination therapies

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New checkpoint inhibitor studies combining the experimental drug, Keytruda, with Revlimid, are working in patients who have become refractory to Revlimid. I found this great article on on Saturday. I didn't even know there was such a thing. I thought that Linkedin was a professional job networking site. Apparently, professionals in healthcare can post

29 12, 2015

Key research breakthroughs at ASH

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Did you see the MMRF's outline of important myeloma related news at ASH this year? Short and to the point. American Society of Hematology (ASH) Key Takeaways Earlier this month the MMRF attended the 57th Annual Meeting of the American Society of Hematology (ASH) in Orlando, Florida. In last month’s newsletter, Blake Morrison, PharmD MMRF

28 12, 2015

My Patient Power interview at ASH

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Saturday I shared a link to an interview Jenny Ahlstrom did with me the second day at ASH. Can't get enough of me unabashedly sharing my opinions about myeloma therapy options on video? Then fasten your seatbelts! CLL survivor and dear friend, Carol Preston, interviewed me at ASH for Patient Power. The link below should

26 12, 2015

Video highlights of my first few days at ASH

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Good friend and fellow myeloma survivor, Jenny Ahlstrom, is a lot better at the technical side of blogging than I am. She uses a lot of video on her site. Jenny interviewed me on Sunday at ASH. You can listen to it here: Now that we're past the holiday, I'm going to be going

14 12, 2015

Back to ASH: Ninlaro and Pomalyst combo promising

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Before I pass along important information about Takeda's new oral proteasome inhibitor, Ninlaro (ixazomib), I wanted to share an update about how I'm doing. Much better, thank you very much!  Squirting a shot of vancomycin liquid into the back of my mouth (yuck) every six hours seems to be doing the trick. Another antibiotic, Flagyl,

7 12, 2015

BREAKING NEWS: Early data featuring Darzalex in combination with Revlimid

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As promised, here are details from a preliminary study showing impressive response rates when Darzalex (daratumumab) is combined with Revlimid and dexamethasone. Similarly impressive numbers were also achieved when the immunotherapy drug was used along with pomalidomide. I'll pass along those details later today after that data is presented. Back to Darzalex and Revlimid. Very

4 12, 2015

Has bad timing left ASH irrelevant?

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I'm almost packed. Tomorrow I'll be driving three hours south to Orlando to attend my 7th American Society of Hematology (ASH) annual meeting. Seven years! How the multiple myeloma therapy landscape has changed. Heck, things have been turned upside down in three short weeks. The Washington Post ran an impressive article about it on Wednesday:

24 01, 2015

This year’s Patient Power interview: Raising your myeloma IQ

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Cancer survivor and Patient Power moderator, Carol Preston, interviewed me last month at ASH in San Francisco about the importance of patient education: The nine minute interview covers a number of topics.  We were standing in a hallway outside the exhibit hall.  The camera tech clipped on a mike and we started.Seeing it for

19 01, 2015

Update: ARRY-520

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At the American Society of Hematology (ASH) meetings in San Francisco last December, I had a chance to sit down with Selena Rush, Director of Clinical Operations at Array Biopharma.  Array manufactures the promising new myeloma therapy, ARRY-520 (filanesib). I had two reasons to meet with Selena.  First, to get an update on ARRY-520; there

8 01, 2015

If this works out a lot of us may live longer…

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Our next, best shot: immunotherapy agents that attack CD38 proteins on the cell walls of multiple myeloma cells: Anti-CD38 antibodies poised to transform myeloma treatment By: PATRICE WENDLING, Oncology Practice Digital Network Jan 5, 2015 Vitals Key clinical point: The investigational anti-CD38 antibodies SAR650984 and daratumumab in combination with standard regimens were highly active in

24 12, 2014

Emotional side of multiple myeloma

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I met with several members of the hard working Multiple Myeloma Research Foundation (MMRF) team at ASH.  I agreed to blog monthly on their site.  I was asked to share my emotional reaction to ASH in San Francisco to get things started.  Here's an excerpt from my first post, Hop on my hopeful multiple myeloma

21 12, 2014

Despite genetic inroads, myeloma still unpredictable

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A reader response to yesterday's post got me thinking about examples of how unpredictable multiple myeloma can be. I think myeloma patients are often lulled into a false sense of complacency.  For most, multiple myeloma is a slow moving cancer, easily managed for years; sometimes decades.  For others, its more aggressive. Cytogenetic testing may give

18 12, 2014

Dr. Hari discusses ASH, Total Therapy and allo transplants

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I often label myeloma related broadcasts as "must listen."  Last night's Cure Talks Myeloma Panel discussion with myeloma specialist,  Dr.Parameswaran  Hari, was a "must listen squared!  I didn't mean to dominate the discussion, but following a brief review of ASH related data, Dr. Hari spent over a half hour answering my questions about Total Therapy

16 12, 2014

ASH questions answered on-air Wednesday

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Don't miss this month's Cure Talks broadcast Wednesday afternoon, featuring young, up-and-coming myeloma specialist, Dr. Paramaswaran Hari. My good friend and companion at this year's ASH, Gary Petersen, wrote an enthusiastic blog post last week promoting tomorrow's on-air discussion with Dr. Hari, and sharing his thoughts about the untapped potential of the new CrowdCare Foundation

12 12, 2014

14 hour days still leave time for fun!

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I attended ASH, courtesy of my new friends at Myeloma Crowd Foundation.  I spent a lot of time with the fun,--sometimes crazy and never dull--Gary Peterson.  Gary and I volunteered to join a new Patient Advisory Board, designed to help Myeloma Crowd identify the best of the best myeloma clinical trials, and then to work