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6 01, 2013

Amyloidosis research picking-up steam

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Before shifting our focus to amyloidosis, I wanted to remind you that I have updated my December 28th post, in which I project how much longer a myeloma patient can expect to live once he or she has access to Kyprolis, pomalidomide and MLN9708.  You may want to revisit that one. There was quite a

30 10, 2012

Amyloidosis patients need your help!

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Amyloidosis and MDS.  Two blood disorders that multiple myeloma patients and caregivers should understand.  Amyloidosis, because one out of five myeloma patients also have "amy."  And MDS, because as many as 15% of us may develop this precursor to leukemia, caused by the drugs we take to fight our myeloma. I received this urgent letter

10 10, 2012

Patient Snapshot: 14 year myeloma/amyloidosis survivor, Roz from Florida

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I write about amyloidosis from time to time, as I did yesterday.  So it is only fitting that my first "Patient Snapshot" features a multiple myeloma and amyloidosis survivor.  But I'm getting ahead of myself... Last spring, one of our readers asked: I wonder if you could share inspirational experiences of the elderly.  Folks that

23 05, 2012

Most everyone would get amyloidosis if they lived long enough!

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Remember Pete from Sunday?  His wife, Jane, has cardiac amyloidosis--one of many different types of amyloid related hematological disorders--closely related to multiple myeloma: Amyloidosis/multiple myeloma have a lot in common Well, I promised to start posting more amyloid related news.  I found this interesting article yesterday on a site called Extreme Longevity: Is Amyloidosis the

20 05, 2012

Amyloidosis/multiple myeloma have a lot in common…

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We have a number readers who suffer from both multiple myeloma and/or several other hematological disorders, including amyloidosis and myelodysplastic syndromes (MDS). Prognosis and treatment options are often eerily similar to multiple myeloma.  For example, Velcade, Revlimid and stem cell transplants are common therapies for a lot of amy and MDS patients as well. Recently

22 04, 2012

Another amazing story about a guy and his bike…

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Wasn't it fun and inspiring learning  about Andy Sninsky's crazy life on a bike yesterday? Andy's life with multiple myeloma has been challenging--and the way that he has responded has been uplifting. But just wait until you read about another friend of mine who's life did--and still does--center around riding his bike. Let me explain.

18 08, 2011

A Newly Diagnosed Multiple Myeloma/Amyloidosis Patient Needs Our Help!

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I had the opportunity to attend my local multiple myeloma support group meeting last evening for the first time since my stem cell transplant. It was wonderful to see so many of my old friends and fellow multiple myeloma survivors.  I had the opportunity to talk a bit about my recent experiences, and to show-off

23 05, 2010


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I learned yesterday VELCADE is being highlighted in five presentations at the newly established, exclusive Trials in Progress session. This session will highlight a number of different abstracts. “Data being presented at this year’s ASCO further demonstrate the effectiveness of VELCADE as a backbone of therapy in a range of multiple myeloma patient populations and