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13 03, 2014

Medical Update: no good news yet

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A month ago I wrote a post explaining why my doctors and I had agreed to give Revlimid one more shot before moving on to a new therapy: RVD; do your magic one more time!   It's now been almost six weeks, and I have the first SPEP results since my radiation oncologist discovered several

20 10, 2012

More about my inelastic bone marrow, MDS and a trip to Boca

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I have received a number of supportive emails, following yesterday's post about what I can my "inelastic bone marrow."  Let's face it.  It is pretty pathetic that even following more than a week's rest and a neupogen shot, my absolute neutrophil count (ANC) wouldn't budge. I'm not big on repeating my past myeloma history, but

19 10, 2012

My bone marrow isn’t recovering between maintenance cycles. Could it be MDS?

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Who knew maintenance therapy could be so hard?  My white blood count has a history of being suppressed by Revlimid.  No surprise there.  And my counts have always bounced-back following a week of rest.  But since my stem cell transplant 15 months ago, that reliable resiliency has vanished. The absolute neutrophil count (ANC) is a