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Andrew Schorr

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24 01, 2015

This year’s Patient Power interview: Raising your myeloma IQ

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Cancer survivor and Patient Power moderator, Carol Preston, interviewed me last month at ASH in San Francisco about the importance of patient education: The nine minute interview covers a number of topics.  We were standing in a hallway outside the exhibit hall.  The camera tech clipped on a mike and we started.Seeing it for

10 05, 2014

Patient Power video features excited myeloma specialist Ken Anderson

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My dear friends, Simcha from Florida, and Cindy from New Jersey, forwarded me this excellent Patient Power video featuring Dana-Farber's Dr. Ken Anderson: Beyond Monoclonal Antibodies: How a Range of Immune-Based Therapies Are Changing Multiple Myeloma. Moderator Andrew Schorr introduces an enthusiastic Dr. Anderson, resulting in an upbeat and hopeful presentation. I found it interesting

3 03, 2014

Why myeloma specialists are just guessing!

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While I was covering the American Society of Hematology (ASH) meetings in New Orleans this past December, I met with Andrew Schorr for an interview on Patient Power.  It was an awesome experience! Here's how Patient Power introduces the clip: The Importance of Myeloma Research: A Patient Advocate’s Perspective Pat Killingsworth, who has been living

21 07, 2013

Multiple Myeloma News

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The myeloma world doesn't stop turning just because I"m out of town visiting my father.   Let's catch-up on a few important odds 'n ends today. First, I received an email from a reader, questioning the value of the Mayo Clinic retrospective study that Danny Parker and I reported on yesterday.  The issue: the study or

26 05, 2013

Video interviews examine the emotional and scientific side of multiple myeloma

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New Andrew Schorr Patient Power video features an interview with experienced cancer care social worker, Brianna Garrison, at M.D. Anderson Cancer Center in Houston, Texas.  Brianna discusses how she helps patients cut-through the clutter and focus on what's important to them. Tying-in with Danny Parker's recent Excercise and Multiple Myeloma series, Brianna discusses ways to

17 05, 2013

Myeloma doc’s dilemma: “Where do we use what, when and how?”

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Awesome Patient Power video features Dr. Shaji Kumar discussing how new understanding of myeloma pathology and therapy is moving the multiple myeloma treatment field toward personalization to improve outcomes. There are now a large variety of treatment options for patients with multiple myeloma. Patients are also living longer and better with this disease, making it

24 02, 2013

Thoughtful discussion among experts about myeloma therapy options

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One of Andrew Schorr's better clips featuring Dr. Craig Hofmeister, Ohio State University Comprehensive Cancer Center, and Dr. Sagar Lonial, Winship Cancer Institute of Emory University, discussing different myeloma therapies including stem cell transplants, non-transplants, targeted and combination therapies: Transplant or Targeted Therapy: What's the Mainstay for Treatment in Multiple Myeloma?          

18 01, 2013

Close to a myeloma cure? Depends how you define “cure”

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Who knew?  Defining a "cure" for multiple myeloma may be as difficult as actually achieving it!  Watch this short Patient Power video and see if you can figure it out... My friend, Andrew Schorr, does such a good job with these video interviews.  But in this case, I think we needed more.  Dr. Craig

12 05, 2012

More about Revlimid and secondary cancer risk

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Concerned about FDA secondary cancer warnings when using Revlimid? Dr. James Berenson helps patients understand a new FDA investigation regarding the use of lenalidomide (Revlimid) and thalidomide in a timely interview by Patient Power founder and host, Andrew Schorr. Dr. Berenson also comments on a new study from Sweden regarding increased risk of blood clots

29 03, 2012

Helpful video with tips about how to deal with treatment side-effects

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I saved this video from last month, featuring multiple myeloma experts Dr. Bill Bensinger of Seattle Cancer Care Alliance (SCCA)and Dr. Noopur Raje of Masschusetts General Hospital discussing limiting side-effects for multiple myeloma patients. This interview is from a"Living Well With Multiple Myeloma" event held at SCCA in November 2011: I don't know Dr. Bensinger,