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9 05, 2015

Urinary tract infection unlikely villain causing my fever

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The mystery infection revealed itself to me.  My urine was darkening by the day, accompanied by tell-tale stinging.  They say urinary tract infections (UTIs) are unusual in men.  Good to know I'm not just another guy! My fever broke 24 hours after I started taking Levaquin.  Undeniable symptoms appeared the same day.  We looked up

16 08, 2014

I’m sick…

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Never a dull moment.  I woke up last night with a 101 degree fever.  It's my fault; I pushed too hard this week. I'm not ashamed to admit that getting sick like this is unsettling.  I'm congested and an upset stomach makes it difficult to eat.  I spent the day sleeping and trying to stay

27 04, 2014

Proof clarithromycin can help overcome myeloma drug resistance

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From what may be possible in the future to an easy way to temporarily overcome myeloma drug resistance now. Apparently adding something as simple and innocuous as an antibiotic can add four or more months of effectiveness to fading Revlimid therapy.  Here's the abstract from a study published Friday in the American Journal of Hematology,