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24 08, 2013

Foods and supplements myeloma patients should avoid (Part One)

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In my ongoing series, Alternative/complimentary medicine for myeloma patients,  I have been focusing on foods and supplements we should consume.  Now how about a few to avoid. This list is more controversial than the others.  The science behind some of these contraindicated foods and supplements is lab based; there's no live human studies to support

27 08, 2012

Growing list of supplements that myeloma patients should avoid

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Some supplements should be avoided by anyone with multple myeloma, not just those taking Velcade. Here's a specific example.  Antioxidants are one of nature's miracle compounds.  They help protect healthy cells and repair damaged ones. A day doesn't go by where I don't hear about a new "miracle" antioxidant producing plant or berry--usually found deep

5 11, 2011

Links to past articles about pros/cons of using antioxidants during chemotherapy

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As promised, I found some more info about the advantages and disadvantages of using antioxidants while undergoing chemotherapy. I didn't have to look very far--I featured a half dozen or so articles on the subject over the last few years on our site.  Here are the links: Wednesday, January 28, 2009 Be Careful When

31 05, 2011

An Important Reminder: Don’t Forget To Consume Lots Of Foods/Spices Containing Ursolic Acid After Taking Thalidomide, Revlimid and/or Velcade

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Back on May 19th, I wrote an article about how ursolic acid had been proven to help enhance the effectiveness of Velcade:Ursolic Acid Helps Velcade, Thalidomide And Most Likely Revlimid Work Better...This is so important--on so many levels--I wanted to remind my readers (and me!) about the news.   Let's face it:  Habits are hard to