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21 02, 2013

The facts are in: NutraSweet® and Equal® are really, really bad for us!

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It's official: I have kicked my daily Diet Coke habit.  Why bother--especially since I was only drinking one or two cans a day?  Haven't you been paying attention?  Remember this post from a month ago: Convincing evidence that drinking soda isn’t good for myeloma patients   IMF Medical Director, Dr. Brian Durie, came-out forcefully against

9 01, 2013

Convincing evidence that drinking soda isn’t good for myeloma patients

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Danny Parker has been forwarding me information about how bad drinking soda is for me ever since he saw me drinking a Diet Coke the last time we met.  So Danny, this expose' I just posted about the evils of soda pop on was written for you, good friend: More damning evidence against NutraSweet?

14 11, 2012

The collective wisdom of my readers is a powerful thing.

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To start, I would like to apologize to a number of readers that never saw their comments published.  I normally receive an email whenever someone comments on any post--or so I thought.  But I learned today that there were 27 comments from the past week or so waiting to be approved by “the Administrator.”  HEY! 

12 11, 2012

Proof aspartame can cause multiple myeloma?

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More proof that there is a nutritional component to multiple myeloma.  According to a post on Digital, a new human study shows that aspartame use is linked to increased risk of leukemia, non-Hodgkin lymphoma (NHL), and multiple myeloma in men.  Here's an excerpt: Study: Aspartame linked to blood cancers Hector Corsi - Digital