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autologous stem cell transplant

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3 09, 2015

Hard realities: What happens when a transplant doesn’t work?

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We all go into the stem cell transplant process hoping--even expecting--for the procedure to work. Otherwise no one would subject themselves to high levels of toxicity strong enough to destroy our bone marrow. Autologous stem cell transplant is difficult enough. At best, enduring a month of fatigue, nausea, diarrhea and the dangerous risk of infection,

26 03, 2015

Stem cell transplant expert live tonight

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I'm excited about tonight's Cure Talks broadcast.  A panel of experienced patients and I will be speaking with Dr. William Bensinger, Professor of Medicine at the University of Washington, and director of the Autologous Bone Marrow Transplant Program, Seattle Cancer Care Alliance.  I believe his medical group at Hutchinson does more stem cell transplants than

11 03, 2015

Lessons learned: My 2nd opinion in Iowa (Part Three)

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My health care team is faced with a complicated dilemma.  On one hand, pomalidomide/dexamethasone therapy continues to whittle my numbers down; my M-spike has systematically dropped from 0.7 to 0.2 over a ten month period.   On the other hand, myeloma activity is steadily increasing in and around my bones.  Talk about mixed messages! Let's

27 09, 2014

Is an allogeneic transplant a good option for me?

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Once again, the comments and emails I received concerning the quest for my next best therapy option rocked!  They are intelligent, well reasoned and most helpful.  Thank you!  Also, I have some new news on the allo front.  Too much to cover to put this off until Monday. Nick, I will get to your comprehensive,

13 07, 2014

Dr. Sagar Lonial’s thoughts about stem cell transplants

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Here's an excerpt from an interesting and comprehensive article from the July edition of Clinical Oncology News,  How I Manage: Evolving Role of Autologous Transplantation in Multiple Myeloma.   It features the views of myeloma specialist, Sagar Lonial, with the Winship Cancer Institute at Emory University in Atlanta: There is some discussion that, perhaps, patients

22 04, 2014

22 year myeloma survivor shares longevity secrets

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It hasn't been easy.  22 year survivor, Jim Bond, credits four stem cell transplants (two autos and a pair of allos) along with new myeloma therapies for his longevity. Jim and his unflappable wife and caregiver, Kathleen, have been at this a long time.  They shared secrets about their challenging life together on this month's

9 08, 2013

Wise words help me face my next round of treatment: CHEMO IS YOUR FRIEND!

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Yesterday I wrote about how I was dreading starting another chemotherapy treatment cycle.  Why now?  I have undergone seemingly countless cycles in the past—on and off; mostly on—for the past six years.  Could it have something to do with losing my father, or other stressors in my life?  As difficult as the past two weeks

23 07, 2013

Best video I’ve ever watched about MDS

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Myelodysplastic syndrome (MDS) results in the bone marrow not producing enough normal blood cells for the body to function properly.  It isn't unusual for multiple myeloma patients to develop MDS after undergoing years of chemotherapy.  I just watched the best video I've ever seen on this rare hematological disorder--and I'm not just saying that because

3 07, 2013

Happy Birthday? Reflections two years post-transplant

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Things have been hectic and I’ve been out-of-touch this week.  I’ll explain why tomorrow.  It must have been crazy for me to forget my “birthday.”  It was two years ago Monday that my stem cells were infused back into my body following high dose chemotherapy.  In other words, this is the second anniversary of my

27 04, 2013

Top Ten reasons why myeloma specialists want to transplant NOW!

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Thursday I wrote:  There are strong forces at work here, pushing hard for early transplantation.  Some are economic.  But it goes deeper than that.  Push-back is strong and growing... If you would like to refresh your memory, here's a link back to Thursday's post: Is it reasonable to delay transplant? YES! But myeloma establishment doesn’t

25 04, 2013

Is it reasonable to delay transplant? YES! But myeloma establishment doesn’t agree

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A reader emailed me yesterday and asked how many subscribers/readers I have.  I responded, "We are currently averaging between 1,200-1,300 page views daily."  That translates into between 500-600 daily readers, best I can tell.  April 5th I wrote a "catch-all" post that blows these numbers away.  Almost 2,300 people have read this post in less

24 04, 2013

Cautious optimism and “keeping it real”

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Pattie and I returned home last night after a short visit to Rockford, Illinios, to visit my ailing 91 year old father.  He’s doing better than one might expect for a guy that has had valve replacement surgery and recurring prostate cancer.  It was great to see him! On the flight home I wrote my

22 02, 2013

Patient Snapshot: Richard’s stem cell transplant – Day 10

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Today I would like to give a shout-out to my good friend and the inspiration for my 4th book, Richard "Radar" Blustein.  Richard checked-in to Moffitt Cancer Center February 11th to undergo his first stem cell transplant.  While I was merrily celebrating my birthday, Richard was having a catheter surgically implanted in his chest so

20 01, 2013

Myeloma Cinderella: Tandem stem cell transplants exposed

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Before getting to our Myeloma Cinderella's next column, suzierose asked me to let everyone know that she's ecstatic to be attending inauguration ceremonies this weekend.  She compared it to the recent Rose Bowl trip Pattie and I took a few weeks back.  Living a new normal can be tough, but how fortunate she and we

26 10, 2012

Patient Snapshot: 44 year old John Knighten (Part Two)

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At the end of yesterday's Patient Snapshot our new friend,  John, had decided not to undergo a donor transplant, using one of his brother's stem cells.  Instead, he had a stem cell transplant using his own cells. And it worked--at least for a while. To review, a stem cell transplant (SCT) using a patient's own