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Black Swan

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7 12, 2013

Onyx to help fund IMF’s Black Swan Initiative

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After listening to a number of the world's top myeloma experts plead for better, more exacting diagnostics--and more definitive answers as to which patients should be treated with what drugs--news like this should be welcome indeed! The International Myeloma Foundation Announces Partnership With Onyx Pharmaceuticals to Support Black Swan Research Initiative(TM) Black Swan Research Initiative

12 09, 2013

Black Swan Research Initiative (Part Three)

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Let me preface today's post by admitting, I was a bit disappointed with the answers to our questions by the IMF's Dr. Brian Durie, the creative mind behind Black Swan. I'm afraid I overloaded him with so many specific questions that he felt compelled to keep his answers general and brief.  After all, Dr. Durie

11 09, 2013

Black Swan Research Initiative (Part Two)

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With few exceptions, most myeloma specialists don't believe that our cancer can be cured using therapy options available today.  These exceptions include a small percentage (5-10%) of allogeneic (donor) transplant recipients, and possibly some low risk, Total Therapy grads from Arkansas.  Any others are considered outliers; rare exceptions that don't fit the norm. Five years

8 06, 2013

New study reveals Iron supplementation may help Velcade work better

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Now this is exciting!  Italian researchers are using Iron supplements to enhance Velcade's effectiveness.  Brilliant!  This is the type of research that I love to see.  Finding ways to help make the therapies we already have work better. Individualized dosing could do that for most all drugs we take.  Imagine if your doctor new exactly